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What Should I Get Tested?


So I made a post a while back about my issues, but I've had them since then and have never really moved anywhere with figuring my stuff out. I want to go to the doctors again this week, and test everything that may be relevant, then work from there to self medicate.

I know my doctor wont prescribe me anything because my numbers are "in range" or in the case of my estradiol being out of range (or at close to the very top), "estradiol doesn't matter for men...I don't usually test it even and it doesn't make a difference". I know it'll be very hard to find a doctor to treat me, so I'm going to get a paper for my blood work, and straight up ask for an extra one so I can see how my body responds to my own treatment.

So anyways some more about my symptoms: I have very low libido. I can get erections, but I do not have much of a sex drive, no morning wood, and even then the erections aren't very strong. Throughout puberty, I have had little testicle / penile growth. I'm 20 now, and can't remember any growth at all to be honest (I'm sure there was some, but I've noticed this going way back to when I was like 14 even and just always assumed things would change as I got older).

For the most part I would say I have low energy, definitely a fairly slow metabolism as I'm about 5'7 150-155lbs and maintain at probably around 1900 calories. I have trouble sleeping, but that could be a psychological effect of thinking about my issues.

I have very bad fat distribution. Mostly in my thighs, and then around my waist (though I have a fairly small waist itself at around 28-30in where I wear my pants, right about that I have much larger love handles).

Not sure what else to say, but to be honest most of my issues are in regards to sexual function / development and body fat distribution. I've struggled with these issues for years and just really wish I could feel normal.

I don't want to go on TRT because I do want kids one day, but I'm thinking of trying hgh (pharma...yes I can afford it myself as I have earned some money running my own online business) as well as arimidex, and possibly hcg. But again, I don't want to be on anything for life if possible? I just want to fix my issues and feel better for once.


You ignored my input the last time.