What Should I Eat When Building Muscle?

So 3 meals a day, at 1st try to eat 6 times a day every day for a month. Until you cant get used to eating frequently its pointless in my opinion to think about a fix diet plan because you cannot keep up with it. Once you can eat this frequently than you can start to measure food and such. The key is consistently eating frequently and enough.

Also i noticed you write “like” and “some”. You need to know what you eat how much you eat exactly not necesserly how much gram it is but roughly, 5 slices of bread can be 5 thin slice 5 thick slice, some chicken can be 1 breast or a half breast. Also You want to bulk thats fine for a goal but you didnt specify a few other necessery things like your body weight, body type, metabolism or activity level as far job and exercising goes.

For example next month along with a new training routine i will start a new meal plan experimenting with a few things i find reasonable so my shopping list for 10 days will look something like this:

10kg veggie mix(approx 60 servings)
4kg chicken breast(400g/day)
30 large eggs(3/day)
2,5kg cottage cheese(250g/day)
10kg potatos(1kg/day)
1kg oats(100g/day)
5kg pasta(500g/day)

Thats roughly 155g protein and 361g carbs but as you can see its a lot of food to eat on a daily basis and would seem impossible until you can eat frequntly.

I see. My weight is 198 pound and i am round 6.1 height.

And i am thinking of eating around 3000 calories. But the question is how much fat and carbs gram i should eat?

I have decided to eat 140-150 protein, or is it to much? 1.6 gram per kilogram.

You need to try it to see if its enough, like it said its different from person to person the general 1g/lbs recommendation is just a rule of thumb and should be treated like that.

But can i ask u how much protein, fat and gram carbs u eat a day when u bulk?

In all honesty i never kept track of it mainly because my days are really inconsistent thanks to my job. The best weight gain i had when i packed meals with 30g protein and 40gram carbs and as far as fats i always keep a little pack of mixed nuts and i use them as a snack.

But i say it again, dont get caught up in numbers read the simple diet article that RampantBadger linked to you here, it contains all the info you essentially need.

Dont quite understand your question, could you rephrase?

Also at 6’1 198 lbs you should try hit around 200grams protein if bulking, maybe even 250g for one day a week

Just a small addition to that, curious what you think about it. I had some issues a while back and i checked basically everything in a clinical enviroment and doctors told me that protein absorption as a whole is affected by 4 things mainly.

Amount of mass(hence more lean mass more protein you need), activity level(more you move around more you need), how old are you(older you get more protein your body needs due to maintain skeletal muscle), hormones(elevated level of growth hormone insrease protein absorption so you need less protein due to efficiency) but high cortisol levels reduce protein absorption rate so you need more protein to have the same effect.

The doctors recommendation was basically to not use bodyweight for calculations, instead use your fat free mass so roughly for a 200 pound guy with 15% bodyfat thats 170 pounds and eat 0,8g to 1g/pound of lean mass for muscle building depending on the above factors.

I wonder how much credit this sort of calculation should have.

Yes but alot of that is just fat.

And why should i eat 200-250 gram protein? I have read that people are saying 1.6/1.7 gram protein pr kilogram.

More the fact you’re 6’1/tall guy -need a suprising amount of food to fill out frame/look like you really lift, Standard recommendation on these boards is 1g/lb. 200g really no big deal on a bulk.

For sake of arguement if had ‘too much’ protein you wont get fat and have the bonus of great recovery, whereas too much carbs can lead to fat gain pretty quickly