What Should I Eat When Building Muscle?

Ho guys! I am 20 year and from Norway. I have decided to bulk for a period to add some musclemass.

But what should i eat? How much protein pr kg? What about fat? Carbs?

From my experience(i went from 48kg to 93kg in 4 years), you 1st have to check how fast your metabolism is and what your body type is. If you know that you can start with a basic diet and adjust from that, hard to tell without a budget what to eat but it can be extremly cheap if you know where to look.

Ok thanks

But how much proteingrams pr kg do i need to eat?

And how much of fat and Carbs?

How does ut mealplan look for a day?

First things first

How does your training look like?

Dont concern yourself with that 1st. Dont get caught up in the numbers, people can tell you to eat 8 meals a day but what if your stomach cant handle it yet. Its not easy to cook prep and eat 6 to 8 meals a day or whatever frequency you choose.

My meal meal plan is constantly changing because of price issues but roughly i try to get atleast 150grams of protein without shakes.

Week 1 15 rep 2 set volumexcercies under

Rowing on and one manual 8kg
Breast dumbell 8kg
Arnoldpress 8kg
Bicepscurl 6kg
Frenchpress 12kg
Bulgarian outcome 5kg

Strengt exercies 5 rep 3 set
Benchpress 20kg
Squat 20kg

Week 2 10 rep 3 sett volumexcercies under
Rowing on and one manual 10kg
Breast dumbell 10kg
Arnoldpress 10kg
Bicepscurl 8kg
Frenchpress 14kg
Bulgarian outcome 7kg

Strengt exercies 5 rep 3 set
Benchpress 25kg
Squat 25kg

Week 3 10 rep 3 sett volumexcercies under
Rowing on and one manual 12kg
Breast dumbell 12kg
Arnoldpress 12kg
Bicepscurl 8kg
Frenchpress 14kg
Bulgarian outcome 7kg

Strengt exercies 5 rep 3 set
Benchpress 30kg
Squat 30kg

Week4 5 rep 5 sett volumexcersies under
Rowing on and one manual 14kg
Breast dumbell 14kg
Arnoldpress 14kg
Bicepscurl 12kg
Frenchpress 18kg
Bulgarian outcome 12kg

Strengt exercies 5 rep 3 set
Benchpress 35kg
Squat 35kg

Week 5 3 rep 7 sett volumcexcersies under
Rowing on and one manual 16kg
Breast dumbell 16kg
Arnoldpress 16kg
Bicepscurl 14kg
Frenchpress 20kg
Bulgarian outcome 14kg

Strengt exercies 5 rep 3 set
Benchpress 40kg
Squat 40kg

Week 6 3 rep 7 sett volumexcersies under
Rowing on and one manual 18kg
Breast dumbell 18kg
Arnoldpress 18kg
Bicepscurl 16kg
Frenchpress 25kg
Bulgarian outcome 16kg

Strengt exercies 5 rep 3 set
Benchpress 45kg
Squat 45kg

Do you do the strength exercises after the volume exercises or they are on different days?

Not sure yet, but yes i am thinking of doing if the same day. And both excercies together.

I think your mind is in the right place as far as training goes,cause you wanna get stronger in a few basic movements,but your program is a mess

Why not just follow a program that many people have used with success,like 531

As for diet,do something simple like iifym and play around with your macros every few months(higher protein,more fats less carbs ect) and see how it affects your physique

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Because the program i sent u i got from a personal trainer, so i think he knows what he is doing.

But i am thinking of prepping my food.

And how much carbs do i need to eat? Fat? And what about protein?

Look iifym up,there’s even a phone app

Basically you keep your protein around,let’s say 1 gram per pound of bw and all you care about is hitting your caloric goal for the day

Personally I maintain at around 2700 calories,so if I want to bulk at 3000 I can eat whatever I want as long as I take in 3000 calories.Of course you gotta be a bit smart about it.For example chips are not a good option

I see

But i am thinking of eating like 5 meals a day. Breakfast, lunch, finner, nightfood and before sleeping

But Why are Carbs and fat so important when bulking?

I’m no expert but

Carbs=short term energy

Fats=Hormonal manipulation

I see

But when u are bulking/trying to add a musclemass. How does ur day look, when it comes to the food?

What are u eating for breakfasy, dinner etc?

Good guidelines for diet here…

Re Training: a routine off this site like this below will give you better results…

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1 thing you should know about personal trainers is that they will tell you a generic routine and thats it. They wont know what works for you best(we dont either), but i can tell you from personal experience listening to so called experts will only lead you to injury, muscle imbalance, joint pain and a high price tag.

Try stuff out dont fear to experiment and evaluate opinions.

Thanks brother

But the program i listes over. Thoughts on that?

Ok thanks.

But i am so wondering something. How much protein gram pr kg do i need to eat?

Look at it this way, i followed a messy program(kinda like what you wrote down except it was bodypart split) and i followed a diet where every single day i had 2 pounds of chicken/pork(whatever i got cheaper) and 500g of rice spread out for 4 meals and i had oatmeal+shake for breakfast. I gained nothing and because of lack of fruits and veggies i ended up with a nice vasoconstriction as a result. Now since like 4 months i eat 5-6 solid meals a day, smaller portions but more complex and spread out and voila i gained 15kg since than(ofc a lot of fat came with it also because of bad advice i gave more credit to than i should have but thats another story).

But than again what works for me not necesserly works for you, what i mean is nobody can give you an exact number on this just a rough estimation. Concern yourself with debunking what you eat 1st.

What you on a tipical day?

Like food?

Breakfast is like 5 pieces of bread with cheese

Dinner is some chichken and potato

I also eat some chocolate on a day.

At the night i am not sure. But like pasta/bread osv