What Should I Do?

So I just finished a bulking cycle in December and planned to start a cutting cycle in January. I’ve been having shoulder problems and turns out I have bursitis so I my doctor tells me to rest it for at least a month. So I figured I’d just run during my cutting cycle. But then I broke a bone in my ankle playing football so I’m in a brace for 6-8 weeks and can’t play sports, run, etc for 3-4 months. I know most of cutting is nutrition but is there any activities that I can do that won’t aggrevate the injuries?

walk, rest, heal, good diet, water activity. core work maybe,

You could set new PRs for:

situps/cruches/leg raises and the like
back extensions

You could also

learn how to do headstand
stretch a little

Cutting without training seems pointless IMHO…(undereating without exercise = muscle reduction, I believe)

Overall, your situation is really pretty shitty, but, who knows, maybe you’re gonna surprise us in a few months by returning with a thread like:
“achieving split in 4 months!”
That would be awesome!
Wish you a solid recovery.

I would reccomend taking the month off as prescribed, from personal experience training through injury will likely mean a much larger break from training in the future. injuries drive me crazy

ok, thanks for the replys