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What Should I Do

I recently injured my knee, likely a tear as I have very limited mobility (no squats, lunges and so forth) I’m not in school at the moment but with my employer I’ll have medical benefits sometime around January. I want to keep working out but I would like some suggestions on what types of exercises I should do.

Recently I’ve been throwing in a mix of pull-ups, bench press, dips and abs. But I’m looking for something that will hit my lower back and keep my core strength up. Any help would be appreciated.


How much do you think you will lose vs. the potential for working so close to the edge that you end up hurting yourself worse.

Take the time off. Heal yourself. Spend the time doing yoga or breathing exercises. Whatever–so long as it doesn’t exasperate your current situation.

Work your opposite leg until you have a Dr evaluate your injured leg.

It has been proven that continued exercise and strengthening in the opposing limb decreases the recovery time of the injured limb.

Also, why is it that every time someone has a question about an injury they never give all the information needed to get a good idea of what is going on?

Romanian deadlifts.