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What should I do?

This may be very off topic, but i gotta get it off my head:
I don’t have a problem with my family doctor, but his receptionists, is a bitch. Towards those who gives her gifts for chrismas (and possibly money for chinese new year, i’m not sure) she is, of course the best recetptionist there could be in the world. However, she know how to give people like me, a very, very hard time. She makes me wait longer whenever possible, always complains of the office work she must do because of me. And she make no attempt what so ever to hide her discrimation. She displays the gifts she received at the front of the reception desk.
I usually don’t give a f*** about those small things. But now, I need a declaration in the passport application from my doctor and it must go through her. She must have guessed that I’m about to travel and must get the passport soon, so her first excuses was that the form was not complete and thus the doctor can’t sign it (f*** that i didn’t need complete last time). Now she’s saying that the doctor’s too busy, and i leave leave the form with her and call back late afternoon( when the passport office has closed). Come on it’s a simple signature. She also tells me that this is the kind of stuff she wouldn’t hurry with because it is a service free of charge.
Okay what should I do. I’ve never made a complaint against anyone before but I just can’t stand this. Should I call up the Human Rights Canada.

talk to the doctor and explain that you are dissatisfied with her behavior and how she treats you. At the least he might talk to her and maybe she’ll get better, or if she keeps treating you badly, tell him you will change doctors…

If she is that bad, write a letter of complaint to the boss and get her ass fired.

Ask her out, buy her drinks, stick her in the butt - hard. Many times over and over and over. That’ll get her attention.

Or, simply walk up to the counter with your ballsack hanging out.

Or, go behind the counter and continuously dry hump her - hard. Many times over and over and over!

uhh i havent been to the doctor more than 2-3 times in the last 10 years. why are you spending so much time at the doctors office that you get to know the personality traits of the receptionists?

I dont conversate with chicks, i aint gone hit!

just take that attitude and youll be alright.

Don’t wait until the last minute when it comes to getting a passport.

Complaint to the people above her: BOSSES.

(Cool story in my post)I feel your pain! And i know how stressful it can be. I LOATHE most Dr.'s receptionists. Bunch of f’n c#nts for the most part. Every Dr i go to seems to have either a) a complete c#nt who works alone or b)3 or 4 receptionists 1 of whom is ALWAYS a bitch and the others are cool. THank god my new Dr. has awesome receptionists, real sweethearts.
True story: I was having the same sort of problems as you. I needed my medical records sent to my new Doctor and asked her to do this. It wasn’t as urgent as getting a passport but it was important. She took the message in her usual bitchy way and said it would take a few days. Whatever. A few weeks later, nothing. I call again, she says she hasn’t had the time. She was so rude, for the entire time I had been going to this doctor, 2 yrs,that I just couldn’t take it anymore. (I hate confrontations of any sort, which is a problem because I let problems fester until I can’t take it anymore-which means I then explode at someone which…its not exactly the best way to resolve problems. But, I’m working on it). So, I exploded at her. I called her a f’n bitch, I’m tired of your shit, this that and the other, and finished up with ‘I WANT MY F’N MEDICAL RECORDS!’
I let it all out and slammed the phone down. This was 5 years ago and I can still feel the rage I had at the time! I have a huge problem with doctors and the medical establishment, it seems like a person’s health is the last thing they’re interested in. its all an impersonal business, its not about actually being a person who wants to heal and help others. Throw in all the stress about health insurance forms, coverage, prescriptions, money and then absolute cunt receptionists and that is why I hope we get national health care. Less stress for the consumer; coverage for everyone; and doctors will make less money which, hopefully, will send all the greedy ones just in it for the $, and that’s most of them, to law school or cosmetic surgery class.

So how does the story end? Well, they had to send the records of course. No, it wasn’t a movie ending with the records being fedexed the next day but they did send them.
But, I had to call the office again a few days later. Guess who picked up?She recognizes me and in her dumb bitch from the Bronx ghetto-ass accent, says, and I can still hear her voice, “You cawled heah vehwy rudely and i don’t appreciate being talked to like that, etc etc”. I honestly don’t remember what I said in response or if I hung up on her or what…

I’m typing this with a huge smile on my face because I got it ALL off my chest that day. Yeah!!

My advice is: find another doctor that has a good staff and switch.
Don’t do what i did and put up with her attitude until it’s too late.
If you want to stay with the Dr., deal with it ASAP: be really sweet to her, compliment her, and buy her a box of chocolates, you cheapo!
If that doesn’t work then write a letter, talk to the doctor, whatever.
Don’t expect anything from the Dr. though: medical receptionists have to do a lot of paperwork and are familiar with the complicated HMO and insurance systems and whatnot so he won’t fire her unless he has to. They are valuable to him since if he gets a new receptionist it could take her months to get the office system down pat.

if you are nice to her and she doesn’t change, call her on it in that nasty way only girls can do it. What is your problem? No man wants you? husband doesn’t find you attractive? Permanent PMS? A little yeast problem? A little tuna fish problem? Mommy loved your sister more than you? etc etc

Whatever you do, do it QUICK! and don’t let others drag you down.

Have you considered being polite to her, giving her token Christmas gifts, etc.? It seems to me that $10 a year can save a lot of heartache and aggrivation with people like this. That’s money well spent.

bitch until you get your way, seriously. It may make you look like an asshole but it gets shit done, health care is just as much customer service as burger king, dont let the degrees trick you.

Walk up tot he bitch and be like:
you “I need you to sign this”
her “I can’t becuase im a slut”
You “Just sign the damn letter”
her “No, i just said im a bitch”
You “Sign the fucken letter, im not moving away from the counter until you sign the damn letter, capich?”
her “fine asshole”

then you have your signature, this also works with oxycontin… i think