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What Should I Do

hey guys first time making a Account. Been back to lifting for about a month and a half doing a 6 day split which includes one main lift a day plus a few accessory lifts , my main goal is to gain bit of size and strength, mainly strength . my lift maxs are roughly Ohp- 150 , deadlift - 420 , Front squat 200 , been doing good in the first little bit but going back to work now(10 hrs days , 14 on and 7 off ) and can only get to the gym 1 time a week while working , i have a 50 ib kettle bell that i can bring and was thinking about getting a few sand bags for the other days of the week of various weights , what kind of schedule do u guys think i should run ?


  • works 10 hr days 2/3 weeks
    -while working can only possibly get to the gym once a week ( on week off i can be there any day )
  • looking for advice on a training schedule

sorry not the best at doing these. Thanks guys

Pick 2 lifts you wanna improve on,for example ohp and front squat

At the gym do a heavy full body session

3-4 days later do a full body high volume session with the keltbell and any other equipment you buy on the long run

At least that’s what I’d do

Kettle bell swing (a la 10 000 swing challenge) 4x a week while working.

P/P type of program 4x a week for week off.

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goal is to gain mainly strength? the answer is simple workout 3/4 times a week only compound movements (always start with a compound movement) accessories after if you still wanna do that bodybuilding side or to bring up what your lacking…use the 5/3/1 program its better than 5x5, lifts will improve.

how is swinging a kettle bell 10,000 times going to make him stronger? like serious

Because a kettlebell is portable and he is limited on the time he can spend at the gym on certain weeks. Given that constraint, it would be a very good option.

I have an 88 pound kettlebell. I swing it around 200-300 times per week on average. I treat it as conditioning, but I can assure you that pushing hard on swings over time has made me stronger, more explosive and increased my work capacity.

i see, thanks for the reply.

Think before asking a question.

Like, seriously.

Thanks guys for the Reply’s , really hoping to find a sandbag before i go back , been reading and watching video’s on them they look like a good tool also

Its a program by the most experienced coach on this site, works great…

Just chiming in with the whole kettlebell thing: swinging a bell won’t work better to make you strong than deadlifting a heavy bar, but it sure as hell will work better than doing nothing.

Also, kb swings will make you more explosive, which almost always translates to more strength; they’ll make your midsection stronger, which usually helps in getting stronger; and your grip will improve, and grip improvements never hurt strength.

I’m not a fan of kbs at all - I just can’t overlook what they’re good for.

this is a forum where people learn and talk, i will learn and talk. thanks

You’re definitely talking. How’s the learning going?


If it was me I’d do: (on your working weeks) 1 work-out were you train everything for about 4 sets each for 3-5 reps each (when you can hit 3x5 or better increase the weight). On 1 or 2 off your non-gym days just do lots KB swings, push-ups + pull-ups (buy one of those door pull-up thingies) & just focus on adding reps.

When you are not at work I’d probably go for training 3-4 times a week & just focus on 2-3 movements per work-out for about 4-5 sets each (same reps as above).