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What Should I Do?

Hello. I am 21 years old, 205lbs, bench ­­­315lbs+, squat 405lbs+, deadlift 550lbs.

I have been seeing an endocrinologist, and an urologist for about 2 years because I have erectile dysfonction. My bioavailable testosterone was tested consistenly in the low normal range just above the cut, and sometimes below the normal range.

Prolactin is consistenly in the high normal, estrogen somewhat high and my DHEA-S is low. Everything not related to hormone is good. I will see my endocrinologist in 4 months after multiple fuck up (like the lab forgetting to do the needed test to my blood sample,then seeing the doctor and having to take another appointment in months.) I have no exterior sign of hypogonadism and my penis is alright according an urologist (and to me lol).

I think I have about 50% chance that the endocrinologist will put me on TRT.

The problem is that this crap has been going on for years and I am tired of it. It is taking too long. I want to be able to make love to my GF.

Now that the test have been done and the dice have been thrown, I was thinking of doing a cycle to see if my ED comes from the fact that I don’t have enough testosterone.

I don’t want to mess around with hormonal replacement therapy dosage and not be sure if it will work. I am not a doctor and I will not do their job. If I have to do illegal things then I’ll do it for real and do a time tested proven to work cycle like the other guys. I want to be sure I have enough T to be able to rule out hypogonadism as the cause of my ED and search for another solution if necessary.

Doing great progress in the gym is cool but I don’t want to become the kind of 3-legged mutant lobster I see in my gym. I spend my time in a environment filled with science nerds and I don’t want to alienate myself even more. If there is any drug or exaggerated dosage that is responsible for this I want to stay away from it.

Any ideas of what I should do?

CAREFULLY read the ‘advice for new guys’ sticky and pay attention to other causes of problems. At your age, low T is not a direct cause of your problems, but a side effect of some other thing(s).

We need more info as per that sticky.

Something is increasing E2 and prolactin and these are HPTA repressive.

Elevated prolactin in young men needs to be regarded as the possible outcome of a pituitary adinoma. This can lead to a MRI to diagnose.

Can you post labs and ranges? This is the norm here.

Unfortunately, you do have to become ‘your doctor’, you cannot be passive. You will need know more about many issues that most doctors to find your way. It is a big learning curve.

Do not do any gear yet. You need LH/FSH baseline data first, because you cannot get there later.


list all drugs, Rx or OCT, prohormones ever used, hair loss drugs etc

  • these can increase E2 by decreasing E2 clearance by the liver
  • hair loss drugs or prohormones can wrech HPTA function for some
  • thinks like a deca only cycle can have bad outcomes too

Blows to the head or whip lash?

What happened two-three years ago?

Don’t get fixated on results in the gym for now.

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In reverse order:

What happened 2-3 years ago? started trying to have sex

No blow to the head or whiplash. Some pain sometimes in the bottom of the coccyx (the ‘‘tail’’)

No RX, prohormones, steroids or hair loss drugs ever used

height. 6’0.waist:34 pants.

Symptoms: No boner and no fun in sex.

Here is a bad traduction of what the endocrinologist wrote about me.:

blablabal very good general state…doesnt look hypogonadal. blablabla tension 115/75. Heart rate: 48/min. No anosmia, no goiter, normal eyes, no external occular movement. No nigerian acanthosis. Normal pilosity and musculature, no acne. Normal genitals. 25cc balls volume. No oedema. Hand are not Carotenemique.

Symptoms: ED and I don’t care about social interaction much. I have had a weird feeling in my testicules for 1month. Urologist doesn’t know what it.

Hematology tests are normal.Without having the numbers I know VitD, B-12 and a bunch of things I added without the consent of the doctor are normal.


Not much libido. I masturbate once or twice a week tough. It’s more fun than sex…but not very fun either.

No symptoms of hypothyrodism except maybe thinning hair. I have bitemporal alopecia.

Coarse hair also.

It is hard to know your thyroid hormone status with T4 and T3 as so much is bound to binding proteins. Ft3 and fT4 are much more useful. But we can get a good idea sometimes with body temperatures. Read the thyroid basics sticky and come back with waking and mid afternoon body temperatures. And include history of use for iodized salt and vitamins that list iodine [typical 150 mcg]. Your TSH=2.0 is of concern. Many who come here have thyroid issues. Docs are blind to these sub-clinical issues.

Goiter would be a sign of a more severe hypothyroid problem. These used to be common before iodized salt was introduced. But iodine deficiencies are now common with people using sea salt and not cooking so much of their own food.

Temperature (10 measures, with thermometer used under arm)

mid afternoon
me someone else
28 december u=96,51 sd=0,28 u=96,8 sd=0,2
29 december u=97,22 sd=0,35

I started using a multivitamin with 225mcg iodine 1 month ago. I use some sea salt.
I will add every thyroid test listed if I get the opportunity. Last labs didn’t have those.

I will get my mid and afternoon temperature.

I’m going to throw in my two cents here for you, jasmincar. You have KSman working for you and that’s the best you’re going to get. Each doctor you see will specialize in their own field and you will spend months getting bounced from doctor to doctor and may not even find the one doctor that questions the specific reason that you’re slightly hypogonadic and are experiencing ED. Many of us find that an enthusiastic general practitioner is the best solution for prescriptions, if it comes to that. The catch there is that you do mountains of research and they learn things they didn’t know from you. Presenting your case is an absolute must. Listen to KSman, diligently research, and compare that with your symptoms. You’ll learn infinite amounts and it will shed light on your situation and bring you hope.

That wasn’t my two cents. I have a prolactinoma. Prolactin is the “cuddle response” after sex. The refractory period. Your prolactin levels would not indicate you have one as well. What time were your tests conducted? Prolactin is highest in the morning shortly after waking. However, I had very similar symptoms at the same age. My tumor wasn’t discovered until I was 28; I don’t know what my prolactin was at 21. At 21, I felt as though I was operating “on a different plane of reality”. Masturbated maybe once a week. Sought no contact with the opposite sex at all. I actually thought I was gay for a period because I had been somewhat of a womanizer for so many years, then didn’t care about them at all. I experienced intense depression. Tried anti-depressants, only to quit them because they made me feel even less than I already did. I’m telling you these things to compare and contrast to your own feelings to see if any applies.

KSman is right. TRT is a huge learning curve. Finding out why you feel the way you feel will be a huge learning curve. How much of your time are you willing to dedicate to finding your own homeostasis? Your tests seem to indicate a thyroid issue. Read up on all the “sticky” posts at the top of the TRT forum and post body temps from throughout the day.

I wish you the best of luck on your journey. There is only light at the end of this tunnel.

Thank everyone for taking the time to answer this thread. But even if you know about all this internet knowledge you are still not a doctor and you can’t get all these tests by yourself. I read about all that stuff and I am not more advanced. Right now it has come down to the point where I will get over the counter hormones and try it myself.

What do I start with? Testosterone cypionate, cabergoline, anastrozole , high dose of Iodine or dessicated thyroid hormones? I don’t give a shit anymore. Keep in mind that I can’t get any test and adjust anything based on numbers.

That doesn’t mean I will blindly do it because this is still the internet.

Here in the USA you can get labs on your own without a doctor. We do understand that you do not have that option. You would do a lot better with a positive mental attitude.

It’s easy to get down and frustrated. Anyone on this forum will tell you they’ve been there too. Hell, a lot of us go back to it from time to time. Many of us are also our own guinea pigs. Tests give you ranges and a general idea of what’s going on. There is no “one size fits all” for everyone. For instance, right now I’m on 4 pumps of androgel 1.62, 0.5mg anastrozole a week, and 300iu hCG EOD. I doubt you’ll find that protocol anywhere. But I’ve tested on my self over the course of 1.5 years and found what seems to be the best for me. I want to feel good. Not have my T in the supra physiological levels. So you see, you don’t necessarily need blood tests.

I know this might be on “the Internet”, but you’ve found a good place and good people here that can offer wisdom and advice and point you in the right direction because we’ve probably been there before. Keep your head up.

10 february, 23h00: 96,5 (F)

11 february 8h00: 96,6
12h30: 96,8
23h00: 97,7

Those temperatures look like a serious problem. To eliminate a false positive situation, see if someone else using the same thermometer and methods can get to 98.6 in the mid afternoon. Your T3 and T4 are both below mid range, also suggesting issues, see earlier comments re fT3, fT4.

Try more iodine. Note that sea salt does not contain iodine unless package states iodized.

12 february (all mesure are a mean. the thermometer is very variable)
8h30 : 96,8 (max 97,1)
23h00: 97,9 (max: 98,4)

roommate temperature at 12h30, 11 february: 97,2

By common thermodynamic knowledge if my body temperature was below the maximum couldn’t the thermometer have measured a higher temperature? Since it is a digital thermometer maybe there is another thing that could have made it measure higher temps?

My thermometer can measure temperature up to 110F under hot water.

I ordered Iodoral 2 days ago.

Hahaha forget about seeing if the thermometer can get above 98,6 with hot water. I read it wrong.

Oral temperature readings require that one not be talking, eating, drinking, exercising for a while before the reading.

Fast reading digital thermometers do not measure the temperature directly. They look at the temperature trend and estimate the result. If you take a temp and then quickly do that again while the tip is still warm, if the thermo then takes a long time to get a reading, it has switched modes to direct reading as the temperature changes are too slight to do the “curve fitting” method.

So direct reading would be good I assume? I reset my thermometer between each measures. I do not drink,eat,exercise or talk before. The standard deviation is consistenly below 0,3.

9h30: 97,5 (max 97,6)
19h30: 98 (max 98,5)

97,3 now

Temps will drop in the evening.

15 feb.

16h00: 97,2 other person:97,7

18h00: 98,2

19h30: 98,1