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What Should I Do?


Hi T-Nation, this is my first post so here goes.

I am 5'10, weigh 185 and have only been training for year.
I have seen some decent results just by drinking protein but a friend of mine told me that one cycle of Winstrol orals would show me the results I am looking for.
I'm wondering if this is my best avenue for wanting to get cut and add muscle?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,




Learn how to eat. Train for 5 years like your life depends on it. Then come back and post after youve read the stickied threads.



If Rugby is your thing, then to truly stand out from the crowd you just need to change your diet.

My team spent most of its time chasing girls, drinking beer and eating chicken wings, in addition to training hard. Train hard, but eat consistent high protein meals, and ditch cardio for sprint exercise.

Once you start putting on the lbs and gaining speed, no one can stop you.

Play like a running back, and run through all the hung over skinny-fat fuckups that get in your way.

Victory or Death.


lol, so intense. Awesome.