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What should I do

Looking for a little advice guys. I just started seeing this girl, like this week. Valentines day is coming up and I was wondering what i need to do about this situation, since we just started going out. What should I do for V day, if I do too much she’ll think its wierd and if I do little to nothing she’ll probaly think I don’t like her or whatever, so whats a guy to do with is situation?

Take her out to dinner and give her a rose or some chocolate or both.

Give her a hot beef injection. Enough said.

Girls always appreciate flowers! Bring her one red rose. It’s simple, yet meaningful. Or, if you know she has a sweet tooth, chocolate is always a good gift too (as long as she isn’t dieting, or anything like that). If you don’t do anything, she’ll be upset. Don’t overwhelm her with gifts because then you might scare her off. And whatever you do, DO NOT BUY STUFFED ANIMALS unless you know she doesn’t have very many. Most girls have collections of these things, and although an easy gift for guys to buy, they often get tossed into a corner with all the others.

Dinner and maybe a funny card. Keep it low key, especially since you just started dateing. BTW, if she doesn’t return the sentiment you have a right to be insulted.

If you just started seeing her, as in you’ve had three or less dates, then I would recommend that you not give her a red rose. She may take that to mean that you’re getting serious about her too fast, which really creeps a lot of women out. If you’ve broken out the “L” word, or will very soon, then a rose is perfectly acceptable. If you’re still in the “feeling each other out” (you know what I mean) stage, then don’t try to sweep her off her feet. Just show her a good time and make her laugh.

I wouldn’t find a single red rose as a symbol of being particularly serious, especially if the relationship is new and especially coming on Valentine’s Day. A dozen red roses would imply coming on too strong. One just says to a girl that the guy thinks she’s special. However, if you feel uncomfortable with the “meaning” of red roses, go with the chocolate–but make sure they are good ones. Or, if you see her before Valentine’s Day, try to find out what her favourite chocolate/candy is and then buy her some.

Pick up another girl and introduce her to her first girl on girl encounter.

Once again, you need to know how she will respond to a rose, or roses, before you buy them. Oddly, while some women see a dozen red roses as a more “serious” gift than a single one, my experience has shown the opposite: a lot of women, when they get a single red rose, see it as more romantic, more special, than a dozen. I guess the lesson here is that every woman is different and you have to pay attention to what she wants, which is good advice in any case.

So basically hook her up with a few flowers(she is a senior in high school and they give out flowers to you in class, so should they have 5 classes so should I send her a few in her first class of the day or give her like one in each class, what would be best in your opinions) and then some dinner, any other suggestions? Thanks

Take her out to eat, nail her and take her home…Oh yea, bring a flower, you can get it from your neighbor’s yard…

Pat–aren’t you just the real nice guy? I bet you have them crawling all over you!
LL–if you want to be really romantic, send one flower to each of her classes. If you want to be a bit more subtle, send the flowers at the beginning of the day. It’s up to you. Either way, she will love the attention. I gather from this info that she is in high school and high school chicks just love getting the attention at school because then everyone can see that they are special to someone. Much more impact than just bringing the flowers to her house where only she and her family will see them. Dinner is a good idea too. Girls just love to be romanced!

Ooooooooooh…she in high school? Scratch the flower then. Just take her out to eat and nail her…and by all means do it BEFORE her curfew. A pissed off dad will ensure that you never see her again.

Damn pat why don’t we just skip dinner too,lol.

I see your point, I was trying to be to much of a gentleman…Your right, just skip the dinner, it will give you more time to nail her. Bring a snack though, you could get hungry at some point. Oh yea, bring a little something for her too, at least a coke or something. She will find that very conciderate. :wink: