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What should I do

I was playing ball the other day and some guy threw the ball in my face on purpose cause he thought I pushed him into the gym wall, when I told him I didn’t he basicly apoligized. However a couple guys there thought I should have kicked his ass (which I could easily do seeing how he is about 5" shorter than I, skinny and weak and I am involved in martial arts while he is not). Anyway should I go beat him to a pulp?

No, you handled the appropriate way for a T-Man considering that he apologized. However, if he does it again…

Dude, it doesn’t seem like a big deal, and it happened a couple of days ago. Sounds to me like you want to kick his ass because your friends want you to. If you really wanted to kick his ass, and if it were necessary to do so, you probably would have done it then. No need o worry about it.

Both you and the guy did the right thing.

Give 'em a present. Come on… wait until after Christmas before you beat him to a pulp.

I know I want to kick some guy’s asses too sometimes, but our society is so litigious that I fear legal consequences, so that stops me…

J he is the one with the balls!! you say you are sure you would have kicked his ass but I doubt it. gee he is shorter and doesn’t take M.A. so what!! when he threw a ball at your face YOU apoligized. now I don’t think you should have halled off and hit him right away but for you to have a ball bounce off your face and go “my bad” makes me doubt you would have beat him up. but for him to go right at a guy that is 5" taller then him and since you call him “skinny” I would guess you are physically bigger then him also I would guess that he is probably a “fighter” and you would have lost. just my opinion.

I say it is too late now to open a can of worms. I am not necessarily saying you should have beat him to a pulp but you should have put him down and let him know you could have kicked his ass. Unfortunately, you also have to consider legal consequences now as my fellow poster astutely pointed out. Me has an interesting angle - I don’t know what kind of MA you take but I do know that some make you fight every class (limited contact) and others practically never have you fight. There has been many a black belt beat up by guys who have no MA experience. Yet, I don’t think, in this day and age, you can be a “brawler”, get into street fights once a week or more, and stay out a jail.

Bottom line, don’t let anyone disrespect you like that and being carrying around brain baggage for the next week or more. He was way wrong and you should have let him know that right then and there.

By your message, I think you missed A LOT of what should have been your martial arts training – the spiritual/mental side. Chill. Let it go.

(you should eat his brains)

He apologised-you won. You did fine. Anyone who says “you should kick his ass!” is an idiot, for 5 reasons: 1) They wouldn’t do it. 2) NO, they WOULDN’T! 3) Only a weak dog would want to prove themselves against someone physically inferior. 4) Like most (but not all) of us who have replied, you probably have too much to lose by committing an indictable offence, and being convicted of one. 5) It’s 2002, and we’re all adults-physical fighting is something children do in the playground.

(apollo:i really would eat his brains)

That’s how dodgeball is SUPPOSED to be played, numbnuts! :slight_smile:

Jim-have you seen Hannibal?

apollo: Uh, yea, I’ve read and seen it, why?
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(jim does not know about me)
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