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What Should I Do with My Kettlebells?

What should I do with my kettlebells?

I have 2 of them, 20 pounders. I’m currently doing a workout that I invented myself. But I’m open to new ideas.

I have no plans of going to a squat rack until I lose enough weight. I tried getting stronger while on a calorie-deficit. Didn’t work so well. So I just decided to say, “Fuck it. I’m just gonna do some light weight and high reps.”

So anyway… What kinds of workouts would you do when faced with this situation? Assuming your only equipments are two 20-pound kettlebells?


But two more kettle bells, heavier weight.

Your goal really is fat loss, you don’t want to lose muscle. So for that you should include some heavy training. Doesn’t have to be heavy squats.

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Thanks man.

Russian Kettlebell Swing