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What Should I Do Now?


Hallo everybody i am a 18years old boy from, i have bulk in 3 month, and now will i be ready to the beach with are nice abs, so i looking for some advice, to are cut tranings program, and mabye a diet i have added a picture of my body.


oh boy you are sexy.

what supplements do you take?

are you single?


Holy shit, need to be clearer on your writing and more specs on your goals. How can we help you if we don't know what you want? (ok yo wanna get cutz, but be more specific about time frame and final goal).


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I hope you have a big stick to beat all those ladies off! You know how they are about six packs....



Don't you mean what "Supplements"?

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Weird thread to find in a bodybuilding forum!

It's still hard to see your entire ribcage so yes cutting it definitely the right thing to do. Eat 900 calories below zero per day, thus -900 calories.


Serously, though OP--you whould do a strict cut right now. You need to have veins popping out of your lower abs before your bulk or 88.734 percent of the weight you gain will be fat! Also, when you do bulk, make sure you don't gain more than 1/4 lbs. per week. Anything more than that won't be functional anyway.


Can some one give a program i should train ?:slightly_smiling:


Man you already have abs to a extent as is. So why not just keep eating and keep putting on muscle mass it would do you more benefit in the long run wouldn't it? And you can almost see your ribs man... that starving look is not usually sexy and if you diet down its just going to be all the more obvious.


I know i have abs but i also have a some fat a round my abs i will get a abs like brat pitt in troy :)?


I don't think you need one. You look finished. Stop working out and relax, you've already reached perfection.


have you tried the special k diet?


No what are this ?


Its what Brad Pitt did for Troy. That, plus carrots.


You should post your weight, how many weeks you have before "chicks time", and a suggestional program. You should search some articles around this site, and then come with a plan.


My weight 70kg and my heigt 174 cm . 2 month to "chick time " :slightly_smiling:


Dude, I want to help but I am laughing too hard...

Okay, here:


where can i find this speciel k diet?


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