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What Should I Do? (D1 Athlete)

hey i’m 18 years old i’m going to play d1 next season but i’m struggling with my body
i am 6 ft / 165 lbs Point Guard Basketball
i feel skinny but i don’t feel that lean
what should i do in the next 3 months before season stars build muscle / lose body fat ?

Keep doing what ever got you to d1 athletic level.

A friend of mine used to work with some of the world’s top athletes. He said one of the most difficult parts of the job was making a recommendation that would not derail or damage them.

Don’t do that to yourself either by fixing stuff that isn’t broken.


Whatever your coach tells you. You’re likely going to have some tests when you report to practice (like a timed mile or whatever) - focus on those.

Don’t let a bunch of 40-year-olds tell you what we do to look right for the beach or prevent our next heart attack. Makes no sense.


I can see you’re abs. You are lean.

If you want help improving - hire a pro.

I’m a Brit and only have a “basic” understanding of the US sports governance. But D1 looks like a great level. And the higher the level of athlete the less generic the advice should be. You’re going to need tailored advice.

Ask your coach. You should have a summer strength & conditioning program.


Have a hard time believing that there isnt already a S/C program set up at a D1 level school.
May I ask what program you will be playing for?


Yeah D1 is the highest level for college sports in the US.

I know a guy in the field that has said something simular.

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Same thing in my old job too - it was rare someone got to selections/ schools/ whatever and wasn’t tough enough; the difference between the people that made it and those that didn’t was injury.

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Mad agreed, the S&C guy at your program can probably guide you to a more strength-intensive focus, especially off season. It would be great to get that kinda training at that level, and having your basketball coach and S&C coach on the same page would really keep things managed.

You can always pursue powerlifting and bodybuilding after you graduate, and get the most of your D1 experience now. Shit, maybe you could even compete in powerlifting off season.

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College sports also being the gate way to pro sports right?

I mean I’ve seen collage football. There are 35-50,000 fans in the stadium. And I assume collage basket ball is at least as popular.

Dude there is no way someone within your set up wont be able to help you with this.

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Fyi . Your giving off the impression that the whole reason for starting this thread was so you could pimp your coach.


Certainly seems that way, since it was the only reason he felt like popping back in to reply.

But if we realize what the thread actually says, it’s the opposite of a good advertisement: “I’m paying for coaching with this guy and I’m not happy with the results. What should I do since his advice isn’t working?”


Yeah… I am a little confused at the moment over it myself.