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What Should I Do After This Cycle?


I finished my pct 2 weeks ago after a 10 week test blend 250 cycle which got me 17 lbs, and now i'm in college and have no motivation and basically lost all 17 lbs. what should my next cycle be and how long should I wait? STATS 5'10 170lbs


I would wait a minimum of 10 more weeks before starting again. What did you do for PCT cause it sounds like you messed that up. Did you do your 10 weeks, wait 3 weeks, then begin the pct regiment defined in the stickies? Did you continue to eat to maintain the weight? When i did Sus250 test blend after pct i felt a little unmotivated and lathargic but not for long about a week then went back to normal. Just do a standard 500 mg a week Test E cycle next time for 6 to 8 weeks. You will be ok, hopefully someone who is more knowlegeable will chime in this is just my 2 cents.


Wait until you have enough experience/motivation to take things seriously. I suggest years.


yeah I fucked up the pct, I used nolvadex, for weeks 12,13,14. the reason why i lost the weight i think is because of the pct and substituting studying for eating.


You should wait until the word 'discipline' means something to you.


Seriously. I can't believe some of the posts here recently.


Yeah I feel ya man, Im a super senior in college at the moment, I dont know how your classes are set up but i usually have mine either all in the morning or all at nights so if i know my classes are from like 3 pm to 9 pm i'll make sure i eat 3 or 4 1000 calorie meals before my classes then just bring a 50 gram protein shake to class, ride out the class then come home and crush another meal. Its tough i know. I would focus on getting your PCT perfect, because if your pct is off and you lose all your gains you kinda wasted a cycle ya know.


So you lost ALL of those 17lbs in about 1.5-2 months?

It's normal that you lose some motivation during and after PCT, but if you are serious about your sport and your goals, you suck it up and go to the gym.

If you went that far to take steroids and crush your HTPA, you should also go that far to eat and train consistently.

When I go in PCT I double my pre workout supp for extra rage :slight_smile:


yeah i see what you mean, and im a freshman in college (everyone is going to shit on me, i didnt think that i would have trouble finding time to workout. And ill actually look in depth for a pct this time.


If you can't find time to workout while in COLLEGE, one of the easiest times of your life, then you have no hope of doing anything significant in the long term physique wise. You might as well just give up.