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What Should I Do About the Fat? New Program?


Hello guys! U maybe remember me hehe. But anyway, i have now used a fullbody workoutprogram, but i want to change to another one. I have also gone down 9 pounds ish, but the fat is still there. I hope to get ride of like 33 pounds to the summer. I eat on a calorie deficit, with just good fat. Fish/potato/milk/chicken etc etc.

What do u guys reckon? Should i just continue in this way, also to eat at a caloriedeficit, and lift weights?

The pics over is mye body now. As u can see, its still alot of fat, but is less then it was for like 3 weeks ago.


Why would you want to change to a different program if you have lost 9lbs in 3 weeks?
What full-body program are you currently using?

All the foods you listed are fine, just make sure you are tracking your quantity of each of these.

Just continue, ‘if it aint broke, don’t fix it’.

9lbs in 3 weeks is amazing. Don’t expect this weight loss to be linear though. Stick to what you are doing for another couple months and see where it takes you. Then you can evaluate if things should be reformatted.


Not 3 weeks, its around 4 and a half. I started cutinng on 14 march ich. Now i am around 91 kg and before i started cutting i was 95kg. Do u think that i should continue this way, or is it going to slowly?

I use a program i found on the internet, with 1 exercise for every bodypart. Bench, chest dumbells, bicepscurl, small bench etc. But is the fat that is the main focus here for me :slight_smile:


Ok, well you’re splitting hairs here.

Let me put it this way: I’m down 7lbs in over 9 weeks, and I am not changing a single thing.

Well, if you enjoy this program and will perform it with high intensity, consistently, then stick with it.

Otherwise, find a program on this site from a reputable coach and follow it to a T. You need to trust a program and give it some real effort if you want to make some changes.


Ok ok. Which program do u reccomend? I dont want any fancy program. I am just after a program that burns a bit calories and that can strenghten up my body, because as u can see i have alot of skin.


I’m not sure if T-Nation has any skin reducing programs for you.

I think for your sake, just stick with your current program. Just do it hard, use as much weight as you can with good form, and keep your rest periods short. Also, walk more. Just go outside, walk downstairs then back up just for fun.

Take your dog for a walk; don’t have a dog? Take your neighbour’s.

Cut any calorie containing beverages from your diet (except milk, in moderation). Cut juices, soda, etc. You are losing weight, so just stick to the plan. These results are not going to happen overnight. Stop sitting at your computer or on your phone and asking questions and go for a hour walk right now. Go. Now.


I do that. I add everything i eat on a app called myfitnesspal.

But as u can see i have alot of skin on my body, will the get more tighten up while i am going down in lbs? Or do i need to lift weights to achieve that?


I don’t see any excess skin. I see enough skin to cover the fat. Get rid of your fat and you’ll be fine. You better be walking.


How much body fat do u think i have, if u had to guess?


Which program do u other guys reccomend?


He answered already.


I am asking about a program. I cant see he mention any training program with excercies etc.


If only there was another thread where 20 + more experienced chimed in on what you should be doing.


5x5 program, what do u think of that?


Which program are you referring to, strong lifts?


Yup. But i feel that these program, i dont know, i feel its to people which just has started lifting. And these program is not a fullbody program, as far is a know?


I’ve told you what I think, repeatedly.


I do everything of that, when it comes to the food/and logging food.

But as i can see, this program is not a normal lifting weight-program? https://www.t-nation.com/workouts/10-x-3-for-fat-loss Its just to days with lifting weights, and the cardio/cycling the rest of the days?


This is a normal lifting program. It may not be what YOU are used to, but what YOU are used to hasn’t produced anything worth talking about. Two intense days of lifting and several days of cardio is more than sufficient for your needs.


I have now read all about the program, and yes u had right. It looks like a very good program. But its just 10 minuttes of jump rope, does that burn alot of fat, or?