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What Should I Do about My T Cycle?

New to this forum, I hope this is the right place to ask. This is my first cycle ,After research and planning I had decided to do my first cycle of Test Ethanate only at 500Mg a week for 12 weeks. I have Aromasin on hand For estrogen along with with my PCT which consists of Nolva and Clomid. I did My first shot last night of 250mg. Today I found out my job is likely going to send me overseas for a few months in about 1 month. I’ve read mixed things about short cycles, so my questions are these.

-should I do the cycle as long as I can? (Probably 4-5 weeks) and then do a shorter PCT? If so, what would that PCT look like?

-should I stop right now and do the cycle when I’m back from overseas? If I stop now, do I need to do anything for PCT for the 1 shot of 250mg I did?

I’m still learning, anything helpful insight or tips are greatly appreciated.

Well, if you don’t mind quitting it would probably be best to quit now and re-do it once you can fully commit to it properly.

It should be ok with just 1 shot, I think you can still get away with it.

On the other hand, if you’re dumb and stubborn like me, you can continue and search ahead for a source of gear wherever it is that you are going and then continue there, HOWEVER if you can not find a source there to continue or pct, you’re way more screwed.

So it would be more safe to quit now and do it some other time :slight_smile:

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Drop it. At four weeks you’re just getting to peak blood levels, so it would be a huge waste. Save it for when you have the time to really do it right.

I use to say this all the time but started feeling redundant, “iron said it first” or something close to that.

Yeah dude just stop until you can do this properly. You might get some good movement in the time you have but it won’t be a proper experience of what is in store for a cycle. You might decide that the little bit of movement isn’t worth the time money or whatever and walk away. Let me say this clearly, I want you to join us here in this world of “fuck PC, testosterone is awesome!” So do it right get a proper picture and join us, it’s a lifetime of looking at everyone else and thinking 'if they only knew."

As far as needing to worry about the “recovery” after a shot of 250mgs. First you should be totally fine. However and I always try to get something out of any experience, you could use this as a test to see how you respond to clomid vs Nolvadex. I wouldn’t do a full dose and that might not show you if you do have issues with clomid but if you do have a reaction at a low dose then you do know you need to only use Nolvadex.
I wouldn’t even know how to guide your dosing for an attempted “safety net PCT” / experiment to see if you react to clomid. You would need to wait at least two full weeks after your shot and I would only think about like 25mgs for a couple of days then maybe 12.5 for a total of almost two weeks. Even as I typed that I don’t think that would get you a proper way to judge if you react to clomid but then again. Some of us act like pregnant women on clomid, I do. I cried at commercials for like a week straight then made the connection and it was all good after I stopped. At this point I think I might be typing just to read my own words. Then again I do somehow have an uncanny way of being accurate or seeing the train wreck before it happens.

I’ll close with “I guess think about it because it is possible it could help you know something for down the road.”