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What Should I Bring Up?


Think I need to work on shoulders the absolute most and then triceps as well as lats/back. Not a great photo but any suggestions? I know the mirror is dirty; today I am too lazy!

First, you look great. I think you nailed it exactly. Shoulders and lats followed by triceps.


Sounds good

Have you taken any measurements?

Latsssssss first and shoulders. Triceps will take you lots of effort for little results

No never have. Don’t even have tape to do it haha

Ok agreed. Just started really doubling up on lats already a lot stronger

How are y’all able to comment on his back, tris and delts? Am I missing pics?

Also, OP: Unless the pic happened to capture you in a non-representative posture, you have serious internal rotation of your right arm. May be time to start programming face-pulls in earnest.


I was rotating the arm and it was sort of flexed if I recall.

From the pic, I am surprised you weigh that much. Can’t see your wheels, though.


Yeah I was thinking 175 at best.

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I will be the most proudestest forum member when he comes back with a leg pic of shredded 29” quads lol

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I’ll try to get some good ones they aren’t shredded haha I need some pics from side too to show thickness all around.
205.8 lb this morning so that’s my actual weight ya

Let’s see that thick torso

Yeah because I don’t mind apologizing if I’m wrong.

I believe you for sure. I just wouldn’t have guessed it from that pic.

I’m 5’7” and same weight. My waist isn’t that small though and I’m not as lean which throws things off a bit. People do guess I weigh a lot less though so I can believe it.

If you can’t see lats from the front, bring up your lats


Small update weighing in about 208-210 lbs each morning
Only thing I really notice is thickness. I eat around 4500-5500 calories a day so might up it soon

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Show me dem legs big daddi