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What Should I Be Looking Out for in Bloodwork?

I wonder if we lost the OP from our friendly bantering?
I thought we gave him some good advice.

That’s almost exactly how my IGF-1 looked on CJC/Ipa. 134 → 188. Waste of $$ for me

I can’t believe anyone would sell a peptide with a half life of 30 minutes.
What is that going to do? Nothing and it looks like two of you have blood tests to prove it.

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I believe the DAC is added to extend the HL, but you’re 100% right. And considering I can get real HGH for less than the CJC/Ipa cost (and A LOT less than the Tesa/Ipa cost), it just doesn’t seem like a great peptide to push

Exactly. And the difference is night and day

Lucky for you two. Not everyone can afford or even get an HGH prescription.
Some have to find other routes but 1295 without DAC and it’s half life of 30 minutes is not the way to go. You are right that crap won’t do anything to boost ones IGF-1 and I would not push it either. In fact, looking thru this thread no one has. 1295 without DAC is a joke and if you bought it shame on you for not doing your research.

Getting an HGH script is tougher to find than TRT docs but not THAT hard. The cost is astronomical though. I was willing to pay but my clinic would not prescribe. It would have cost me about 7500 vs the 700 for UGL. Similarly though legally prescribed peptides cost about 700 for the same run I paid 700 for UGL HGH. Granted you can order peptides online for peanuts.

I wonder what my clinic is doing to circumvent this? $445 for 180iu; makes me worried it’s not legit product. Haven’t tested IGF-1 yet. Guess I should

That’s about 1.5x UGL only and it’s usually 10x+ the price. Omnitrope is the cheapest available and it’s like $2500 for their kit. What did they prescribe you?

@swoops39 don’t know if you use discount (Nelson’s company) for your bloods but I just got 20% off. They want $72.01 plus $8 to collect for IGF-1 then you get 20% off that. So you can just do a solo test which is really cool. 6/8/21 will be 3 weeks for me. Looking forward to seeing if my UGL GH is doing anything. Since I am in the middle of a 500TE/w blast I can’t say I am feeling anything specific to the GH. Only a blood test will tell.

I got Zomacton. Goodrx shows it’s a cheaper version compared to some others. But still, they list it at $1800 for 6 vials and I paid $250 (90iu). So, it’s a helluva a deal, as long as my IGF-1 is elevated.

Edit: it appears that Empower offers the same thing (going off the box image). Maybe compounders got some special deal or something?

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Thanks for that. I’m pretty sure the clinic is going to want labs at the end of this month when it’s time for my Oxandrolone refill. But if not, I’ll use the discount labs and check IGF-1. I’ve been on for 5 weeks, but just 1iu to start. If it doesn’t seem to be enough I can go up to 2iu.

Hopefully yours is legit as well

I am only taking 2IU’s my IGF-1 the last time I tested it was 140 top of the range is 188 but I was taking UGL 1295 with DAC and ipamorelin every night for over 6 months. I have no idea if ones IGF-1 moves around a lot.
I believe tracking IGF-1 and using HGH is very new to our hobby even though the pro may have been using it for year.
We have way more data on T cycle of 500 to 1g than we have on HGH.

I am not sure if HGH/insulin use has even been breached here on this forum has it? Anyone doing HGH and insulin? As I understand it the really serious guys are doing both.

Hello sidhu, I’m from NZ, go with the bitcoin account and wallet method, you’ll come across plenty of sources searching the web, most of the AAS I’ve sourced came from the UK and Europe, no problem getting it through customs.

Aussie here. Bow down to your superior!!!

Joking, but the Aus/NZ dynamic seems awfully similar to the Us/Canada dynamic

I actually think we have it wrong. NZ seems to be a far more "sane’ country at this current time. If I can’t leave overseas at the end of the year with the money I’ve saved up I’ll be going over to NZ.

Didn’t lose me haha. Everyone gave good advice. I was just sitting back and reading it all.