What Should Full Panel Of Male Sexual Hormones Include

I will have endocrinologist on Monday as I suspect (am not sure) I have hormonal imbalances due to comments from other doctors and some symptoms. What should endocrinologist (well the lab he sends me too) test me for?

I wouldn’t get too excited, endocrinologist tend to be the clueless the majority of the time with sex hormones. TRT is an infant in the medical community and only a small group of doctors truly understand sex hormones.

A Urologists would be a better bet, but no guarantee.

Total T doesn’t define testosterone deficiency, the Free T is the most important biomarker. SHBG binds testosterone, so higher values will increase the Total T and not necessarily the Free T.

This is the minimum testing needed.

Also, if your lab values come back normal, that doesn’t mean there are. A dual differential diagnosis is needed, weighing the labs and the clinical picture of the patient as well as symptoms.

Many experts believe that Free T in the lower quartile are a sign of hypogonadism.

Your endocrinologist, if competent, he will have you fill out an Adam score.

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Thank you. Yeah in Slovenia urologist do not deal with hormones sadly and from my experience do not like to deal with non-emergency patients at all.

I found that anti-age doctors do deal with bio-identical hormones, however they are super expensive and have long waiting lines (and some very bad reviews) so I’ll just go with endocrinologist.

Bio identical is BS for men. Testosterone is testosterone. No benefits from any version other than choosing your ester. Most use T Cyp or T Enth.

A minimum male hormone panel should include TT, FT, E2, Fsh, Lh, and SHBG. I would add DHT and TSH if cost isn’t prohibitive.


Thanks, I would thought so based on unhappy patients.

As it goes for one time thing (hopefully ?) I will probably test for everything. Blood work is better than saliva, right?

Yes blood work sir.

I did go to endocrinologist today and she referred me for few lab tests. If I am lucky I’ll get prescription from my doctor for it, otherwise out of my own pocket. I think it would be better to just get blood work done and visit it after as I would save 90 EUR.

You can’t make a decision based off one lab test, because even men with high testosterone will have days with subpar levels.