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What Should Be My Anchor?

Hello, and Merry Christmas to everyone here, first of all!

For the last two cycles I’ve been running the Original 5/3/1 with FSL and PR sets on weeks 3 and 1. So, far I’ve managed to increase my estimated 1RP on all weeks. I’ve been hitting all my targets consistent so my. TM is pretty mcu spot on for now. I am currently into the 7th Week Deload and I wonder what should my anchor cycle look like. In Forever, Mr. Wendler writes that the Original 5/3/1 without FSL can serve as an anchor to the leaders described above but I think that the volume and intensity will be too low for me. My stats are the following:
31 years old, 195 lbs, 6’3, SQ: 286 lbs, BN: 246, DL: 352, OP: 136. After this leader/cycle I plan to run BBB for two cycles.

What do you all think about the following for an achor week:

Option 1. 3/5/1 with Joker sets and increased assistance (about 100 per group)
Option 2. The Original 5/3/1 only with increased assistance
Option 3. 3/5/1 with FSL and 100 for assistance category
Option 4. 3/5/1 with 3x5 SSL
Option 5. Something else…

Thanks to everyone who will give their opinion! I with you all a great 2019!

Hi again, and may you have a Happy New 2019!

Since noone answered, I finally decided to go with 3/5/1 with 2 Joker sets and 50-100 of assitance for each category 4 times a week. I add some 1-2 sessins of hard conditioning and 2-3 sessions of easy conditioning. It feels like I will need to lower my training max on the overhead press but the other lifts are going on pretty well so far (1 week in).

Next, I plan to do two cycles of BBB.

Again, have a great and productive year everyone!