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What Should a College Recreation Center Gym Have?

Hello Everyone!
To start out by say I am a Fitness Coordinator for a University Recreation Center. In my career hear I have tried to reach as man students with their unique interest as possible in the realm of fitness.

As a result, I wanted to pose the question to all of you: What do you wish your College Rec would have offered you in term of community, clubs or anything else?

Currently the only weightlifting based program we have is a Powerlifting club.

Thank you all in advance for your feedback!

Rec-sports leagues

Weightlifting/Crossfit classes & clubs


Lots of Coeds.


Indoor heated beach volleyball?

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I think you should have plenty of free weights, some cables, and CrossFit equipment.

Regular people can get great workouts with the CrossFit stuff without doing CrossFit. CrossFit classes are a good way to build a team or community based fitness program (please have competent staff for all of this). CrossFit toys also cross into Strongman training.

If it were up to me I’d load up on Rogue stuff. I’ve done a lot of research for bars and bumpers and they actually have competitive prices even though they’re a name brand. Rogue has yokes, sandbags, awesome med balls. Their equipment is also designed for small spaces (racks that go flat against the wall when not in use). All of that seems ideal for a gym that caters to a variety of people.

CrossFit has competitions throughout the year so you could actually start a team. Strongman is an individual sport but it’d still be pretty fun to go to a comp as a team.

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I didn’t make it too far in college, but it would have been really convenient to have a discrete space in the gym for conducting my drug deals. I mostly sold pot to the jocks but I’m sure the joose-monkeys would appreciate it too.