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What Shoes for Plantar Fasciitis?


I have a pretty bad case of plantar fasciitis. I wear special insoles to deal with this. Well, I am supposed to, but insoles are expensive and I can't use them in all of my shoes. Anyway.. I know I have flat feet, and I am an over pronator. Both, along with being over 300lbs has probably contributed to this.

I will ultimately get proper shoes or insoles made, but in the meant time. Should I A) wear my Crepe Sole Red Wing Work Boots that have custom insoles for my feet. B) Buy Oly shoes (if so would I need insoles for them?) C) Go barefoot, since I have the priviledge of working out at home?

As always, all help is much appreciated. Thank you in advance...


Try these. They really helped after nothing else did. I work out in them and even did a tough mudder with them. Cheap too



Hi there - I was in the same situation as you buddy. On my feet for 8 hours,over 300lbs etc - and the pain lol especially first thing in the morning or going down stairs.

I've had no pain for 2 years now - acupuncture helped a bit but was painful.
I ditched my insoles, started buying shoes a half or full size bigger, barefoot as soon as I got home and stretched a few times per day.

While I used static stretches against the wall with bent and straight leg variations I have read that slow eccentrics on a step/stairs can be of benefit.

Hope this helps in someway and good luck.