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What Sauces???

Im just starting a new high protein low carb diet and have no problem with a lot of the foods im allowed to eat. But are there any sauces that we can put on the meat and vegetables that ill be eating as alot of the foods are going to be very bland.

any ideas?

Natural whole egg mayonaise. Lots of fats and very lo carbs. Just look for good quality natural mayo without all the preservatives and other crap. I keep some in the fridge that is Chili and lime flavoured (natural flavouring).

Well, avoid ketchup, barbecue sauce, and basically anything sweet.

Any sauce made out of mayonnaise, sour cream, cream, cheese, or a mixture of these should be ok.

Remember to read the label for macronutrient information. (while you’re at it, avoid anything which has trans-fat in it).

When I low carb I still use ketchup, although the reduced sugar and salt version… I figure that as long as I don’t smother my food in it then the ammount of carbs added will be pretty small and I’ve found it to have little to no affect on my progress.

Don’t get caught up in minutiae…

If you are cutting out all major sources of carbs like bread/pasta/rice etc (other than green veggies I hope) then a little bit of ketchup is really not going to throw you off.

English Mustard or horseradish sauce go great with beef, and although both contain carbs you will not need to use much so the impact will be negligible.

Mint sauce with lamb - just chop/crush mint leaves up very small and mix with some vinegar and a dash of olive oil (or buy it pre-packaged).

Mayo with chicken.

various salad dressings, i like ranch.

Hot and buffalo sauce.


Frank’s Hot Sauce. Mmmmm.

[quote]chrisfoxnyc wrote:
Frank’s Hot Sauce. Mmmmm.[/quote]

oh yeah- put franks on everything!

Boar’s Head sweet vidalia onions, not sauce, but love it on just about all meats.

try a few shots of tobasco sauce in some fresh squeezed orange juice. i’ve used this on everything from salads to a marinade for chicken breasts. for added flavor, throw in some ground black pepper and/or fresh ginger. as a whole, this sauce packs a lot of flavor with realtively few calories.

if you need more flavor for lean meats, try organic thick and chunky salsa. again, lots of flavor and very few calories, with all of them coming from vegetables and spices. read the labels for any unnecessary additives and watch the sodium.

Peanut sauce

Curry paste

          -Hot Sauce-

Calorie free, and therogenic to boot. I recommend Cholula brand.

Hot sauce and salad dressing for sure–I like the Ken’s Steak House dressings and some sort of Louisiana hot sauce (not together!). For beef, you can’t beat oyster sauce!!! There are something like 2 grams of carbs per serving, and those are carbs well spent. It doesn’t actually taste like oyster, it’s just really delicious.