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What’s Your Nickname?

So I posted this in my training log today and it started a bit of chat. Thought it would be fun to hear your best nick names or those of people you know. I’ll get the ball rolling:

So it seems that some of the guys who train with me (at the same gym at the same time) have given me a nickname. It was actually one of the girls who threw it out there a couple of weeks ago but it has now stuck. They call me the ‘silent assassin’
One of the guys added a video to his Instagram story today of one of their sets and I am warming up in the background, he added a label above me saying ‘the silent assassin warming up.’ Made me laugh really hard :joy:

Got nicknamed “Fabio” at my last job. Told them “That nickname sucks: I can’t believe it’s not better”


Why Fabio ?? I am picturing long hair !

Anna- I really loved the name and made my brother call me it and it’s stuck for over 15 years.
I gave him the nickname “omi”, he still answers to it(he’s17) :laughing:

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Just a jab at my physique. Couldn’t be a cool nickname: that would break protocol, haha.

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Is it pronounced Anna or Anna?

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just Anna

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You have me very confused here, both of those sound the same to me :joy:

It could also sound like you are a gigolo or a dancer :joy::joy:

Anna (Kendrick)


Anna (Frozen)

Clearly, Anna is said like Anna.

Well that clears it up perfectly. Thanks


At work:
They call me the undertaker because I was working at a funeral home as a side job when I started here. Zero problem with that nickname. There’s also another guy who looks like me so I’m part of the Wonder Twins.

There’s a little blonde guy who works with his friend in machining, always slouching around, vaping, listening to music and being terrible at his job. They’re known as 8 mile and Chedda Bomb, just because the former looks like a mini Eminem.

There’s a guy in shipping who is just dense beyond words, it’s like talking to a rock. He’s “Simple Zach”, after Simple Jack from Tropic Thunder.

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I started growing a beard and soon after got called Silverback. I then had to continue sporting the beard so it didn’t look like I shaved it just because of the nickname. I knew if I did that it would stick for good. It stuck anyway…

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currently: ‘crippled fuck’ by a couple of wrestling/lifting friends

Sidenote though- I have managed to make the name ‘waldo’ stick to my brother

I wish people would just tell me mine. They mutter it under their breath but it sounds gangsta AF.

Something like “Motherf*$king-something-something-motherf*$ker”.

That’s pretty bad assed, huh!?!


My old best mate from back in the UK had the nickname “Quality” because he said quality so much.

Also knew a bloke called Dave that had the nickname ‘Bastard’. Nothing clever here he was just a complete bastard!!

Dave’s brother was called Michael and his nickname was ‘Micky two sewers’ one sewer because he was a plumber and the other because he has the worst breath you have ever had the displeasure of smelling !!

My Uncle called me Kiki Dawn, my dad called me Punk, ChickenLittle was given to me by an unknown driver back in 1990 and it stuck like glue.

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I’ve (and eventually the entire family) called my maternal grandma Omi my entire life, since we used to live in Germany. “Großmutter” is the formal word, but who wants to call their grandma gross-mooter and Omi is just a different version of the informal “Oma.”

Did you pick it because it sounds like his name or just for fun?

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Just for fun

I get the Robocop or Frankenstein and I get Evel Knievel
Must be the extra spare parts that I have