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What’s Your Deadlift ROM?

might be a dumb question but I’m curious to know. Have you ever measured your range of motion, essentially the distance the barbell travels for your deadlift? If so what is it?

Why would you? You can’t change it like you can your bench press. Or to a certain extent your squat. I’ve measured my bench though to help myself learn to get maximum arch, shoulder retraction, etc.

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*Shrugs in sumo


Actually I reckon if someone’s pulling with shitty technique you can take a bit off the ROM with straight/locked elbows, gripping the bar low in the hands and not shrugging/scapular depression

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Not looking to change my ROM, I was just curious as to what everybodies was lol.

I also discovered while measuring mine that my sumo and my conventional is fairly close, albeit sumo is still less.

Another question for the men. Who racks themselves in the balls while deadlifting. I do, so I assume I have long range of motion

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Mine goes past the balls but sometimes I catch them or the meat stick. Short arms or short balls? May never know…

Would have to be long balls.

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