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What’s this Athlete’s Bodyfat %

He’s 6’1 214 pounds


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Seriously you think it’s 15%?

Nah, 14.38%. 15% is probably too high, I’d say.

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You got an estimate for me bro?

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Dude, on your very first topic you posted on this site back in 2012 you got some great perspective regarding bodyfat percentage that you have continued to ignore for 9 years

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You got an estimate for me?

You got an estimate for me my good man?

Hmmm any other estimate?


You’d be farrrr better off on Reddit. They get off on guessing body fat.

I’m being serious. Shits weird.


I don’t see anyone holding a shoe, therefore it’s impossible to tell…




Eric Bledsoe is just an okay point guard, though he’s more of a combo guard this year. He has a tendency to disappear in the playoffs which could prove costly to the young Pelicans team he is on. I estimate he has 4 years left in the league, 2 as a starter.

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Those guys are awful close to each other. And the one dude is looking at the other just like a salmon that’s ready to spawn.


The real question should be, Is the athlete satisfied with his % body fat? The number is irrelevant.

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What’s his bodyfat? In your opinion?

Not sure but what’s your estimate?

What’s his bodyfat in your opinion?

Any opinion?