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What’s Everyone's AI Dose on 500mg Test?

Making this thread out of pure curiosity, what AI dose has been successful for you guys who have ran a 500 mg test e cycle? Successful in terms of keeping a good sense of well being and libido.

No AI. Only SERMs. I run 20 mg nolvadex at 500. 40 mg at 750mg/week

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Being as tho i stopped taking AI on 750 i will say def none

12.5mg aromasin E3D, .25 Adex 2-3x per week

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10mg nolva ED to prevent gyno flare ups which I’ve had in the past. I hate Arimidex from bad personal experiences but it has its place for some.

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75mgs of exemestane per week or 37.5 plus 20mg tamoxifen eod