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What Rows on 5/3/1?

So ive been doing 531 for about a year now and still get PRs every day but ive been kicked out of the gym for deadlifting and squatting…
So i have moved on to another gym but the dumbells only go to 44kg so for dumbbell rows this is just far to easy to do for 5 sets of 10-15
And theres also no chest supported row would it be fine to do barbell rows or would it just be to taxing on the lower back

Well, you can work up to a set of 30+ on that. You know, Kroc rows like Jim recommends. Nothing wrong with barbell rows either.

You can also do blast strap rows.

Jim just says that bb rows tax the lower back insanely hard so idk if i should use them

He does not say that. He just favors the db row as assistance, since it does not affect recovery so much.

If you can jam a BB in a corner with a towel or something you could try Meadows rows.

Yea and i agree with that 100% since i do rows after deadlifting and if i do 531,fsl, bb rows ill be dead

Yea or i thought 1 arm bb rows which john meadows also recommends

“Just row something and get on with your life” - Jim Wendler
Stuck in my head because I literally laughed out loud when i read it in the Beefcake Training article.


Well I’ve done barbell rows, dumbbell rows, and 400lb cheat rows after deadlifting and never ever had lower back issues. I think strengthening that hip hinge position is good. But if you don’t feel it’s a good idea for you then an all-out set of Kroc rows, or some Pendlay rows, are alternatives.

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Use the 44s with a squeeze at the top and a slow, controlled eccentric. You won’t need anything heavier.