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What Routine To Do?


So I've been training for a little more than 9 months, it's been a while since I've followed a set routine, usually I just do various exercices I know and switch them up, is it better to stay like this or follow a set routine? I just got my diet in check so I can't really tell if I got real gains because I was uninformed when I started.


J.V Askem's press/ squat routine...try it you'll like it a lot.


How long did you follow the set routine you had and what was the routine? You can't tell if you got any gains after 9 months?

Based on the information and a little bit of assumption though, I'd recommend Mark Rippetoe's program for you.


The rows on workout b are power cleans in the original program.
I will also say his claims of 30-40 lb average gain 6 in months is bullshit. At least if he's claiming its lean muscle mass, because thats absolutely impossible. Nonetheless, it's a good program.


Dude. Even with a crap diet, just starting lifting weights seriously will have you seeing results.

You have no results because you're not doing anything.

Follow a program. Keep a training log. Keep a food log.

Trust me, don't waste the next 9 months as well.

And I know... I did what you're doing for almost 2 years. NOTHING happened!


Do you know any routines I could do? I'm hesitant to do Rippetoes because I have problems with my squat form, I can't go deep unless I put my feet super wide. I'm not very flexible.


Do Box Squats.

I learnt these recently (I have the same problem as you - I have long legs and deep squats aggravate my knees and hips), and they are incredible. Very fun learning to snap up explosively and they overload your quads in a totally new way. They are also a good glute and hamstring movement.


You haven't mentioned anything about what your goals are.


Well I tried out squats again today and I think I got my problem solved. So I'm thinking of doing Rippetoes. Is there any problem with adding cardio on off-days or on the weekend with it? I'm preparing for police force academy tests and they test cardio, situps and chins. Would it be enough to add 2 sets of chins on workout A to increase them?

And to the poster above my goals are to gain muscle mass along with the goals I specified in this post.


There isn't a problem with adding some cardio on off-days. I would recommend that you don't go too intense on the cardio though. I don't know what exactly the requirements are to pass that academy test, but it won't require too much cardio work assuming it's like the military fitness tests. Too much running can definitely hinder your gains. I wouldn't go over 30 minutes at a moderate pace on the off-days.

Above all, make sure you're getting enough to eat and 1-2 grams of protein per lb of muscle mass.


Would you consider Rippetoes more for strength training or bodybuilding? I am training for muscle mass so would Rippetoes be better than a split where I train different muscles on different days?



That routine is mainly for powerlifters and football players. Haha


Can anyone give me feedback on my question 2 posts above? Thanks


Rippetoes is a program for maximal strength. If you haven't really weight lifted before then you're going to put on plenty of poundage and build a great base while doing it. Rippetoes will definitely put more mass on you but...

If, however, you just want to look stronger, then rippetoes probably wouldn't be the most efficient for you. You could try bill starr's 5x5 program for intermediate lifters. It's basically the same workout from what I remember with obviously 2 more sets per exercise. The set/rep volume in bill starrs program should put you into hypertrophy range though.

and btw, rippetoes is not mainly for powerlifters and football players. I dunno why people bother talking out their ass. It's for anyone who wants to start weightlifting. It's a beginners program. A powerlifter is not a beginner.


no mean to be rude here but as everyone asks which routine he or she should use they neglect to ask the person who it really matters to. That person is yourslef. Only you can tell what routine will work best for you not anybody else. You can ask for advice but as many of use have realized trial and era is the best adive of them all.



Q: "What Routine To Do?"

A: The one that WORKS!