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What Routine to Do?

I Will Obey. No Pain, No Gain

Ok guys, I have posted a few articles in november and december, maybe some of you remember me but I don’t think so.

I usually box, but being that the boxing gym is one hour away from my house and with this year’s schedule, I won’t be able to cut it this time.

Instead there is a weight gym just one block away from my house, so I’ll take advantage of that.

Currently, If I cut I’ll end up looking skinny with maybe some moderate biceps…

Last year when I was doing weights I posted my 5 day routine but some of you more experienced athletes advised me that, being that I am a beginner, I would be better of with just a 3 day routine, that my results would be more noticeable.

The theory behind this was that my muscles were still to small to just train one day a week.

Currently, I would like to go to the gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday and do cardio on tuesday’s and thursday’s.

Could you guy’s post a routine for my gym day’s?

I promise, I WILL OBEY. I know that many people come here asking for advice but end up doing whatever they feel like. That’s not me, I’ve always been taught to respect my elders and to learn from people who are more experienced.

If you want I could post some pic’s of my current state (wich really suck’s, that’s why I would prefer not to… haha) and post some new pic’s in 3 months.

Please help!


do a push/pull/legs from anywhere so long as you didn’t design it. check the do this routine not that dumb one. or do 5/3/1 BBB 3 day split.

eat, gain, profit


[quote]Pinta wrote:
Could you guy’s post a routine for my gym day’s?[/quote]
Last time you asked almost this exact same question, you got some really good replies and you said “Thx guy’s ill start with that routine.”

What kind of progress have you made in the last two months - bodyweight increase, strength gains, etc.?

There’s no real reason why you shouldn’t still be doing the program that its_just_me laid out in that thread.

Thank’s Chris Collucci!

I couldn’t figure out how to find my old post, so I was kind of embarassed of asking the same question again…

But really thank you for posting the link.

I have made some small gains, but my summer vacation’s if January have set me back a little.

Thanks again for the link, I will continue with that routine!