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What Routine to Do Next?

So for the last seven weeks I have been doing a full body routine which can be seen at :

It consisted of three-four exercises, upper body push/pull, and lower body push/pull. It worked really well for my legs, I progressed from squatting 152pounds for 5 reps to squatting 183 for 9 in a super-squat-few-breaths in between fashion. I also broke my old deadlift record of 240, I just pulled 295.

The same cannot be said for my upper body, my pullup numbers and inline bench press seemed to stall. Suggestions? I was thinking of starting a upper/lower split to give my upper body a bit more attention.

I’m thinking something like one full body routine, and one split routine a week.

Leg Day:
Speed deadlifts 60%1rm for 6x2
Front squats 5x4
Lunges or split squats 3x12
Heavy core work

Upper body day:
Clean+Split jerk 3x5
Dips 3x5
Incline DB rows 3x8
Incline DB BP 3x8
Rear delt flyes 3x12

Full Body
Rack pulls 2x6
Incline flies 3x15
Face pulls 3x15

your still kind of a beginner aren’t you?

I would reccomend a simple body split with a moderate amount of volume.