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What Razor Do You Use?


Hey guys

What kind of razor do you guys use to shave your FACIAL hair. I have been looking through the forum but cant seem to find many threads on this.

Another shaving question- I personally like having a chin strap, but i find it really hard to shape it correctly, especially with the razor I've been using. What do you guys recommend for getting a detailed shave?

I was thinking about getting a straight razor, and was wondering if anyone uses one. If so, how do you like it?



They have a wide array of fine brushes, soaps and razors available.

As for shaving, I've used safety razors in the past to good effect, but for convenience's sake right now I use a Gillette Fusion Power Phantom. The five blades give excellent coverage, the detailing blade on top is excellent and if you don't have heavy growth the moisture pad itself on the head provides enough lubrication.

Aside from that, I just apply a hot towel to open up the pores, put on my cocoa butter and shave away.


Mach 3 TURBO! Decent for beards and mustaches. I have never used a straight razor and cannot give any advice on that topic.


Gilette mach whatever fucking number it is.


Gillette Fusion... Power.


Also Gillette Fusion.

Speaking of what NOT to use, the Gillette Good News actually used to be a usable cheap razor. Not that even when new it was as good as the Fusion or Mach-3, but I could get several shaves out of it.

Last time I tried using a Good News -- oddly enough at the hotel at the Arnold a couple years back -- it took THREE of them to get ONE shave. They dulled just that badly.

On your detailing question, the Fusion does have on the opposite side a single small blade for precise work. I use it just under the nose; it's convenient. For otherwise having the edges of the goatee sharp rather than ragged, the regular side of the razor works fine for me.


the Gillette Fusion all the way, its very friendly 2 the "baby butt-like" skin, lol


+1 for the Gillette fusion. Works like a charm....


Thiers Issard straight razor, Dovo also makes a nice razor.


I have both Gillette Fusion and Mach 3. Fushion is great for scraping the hairs around obstacles that you don't care to shave off, like, pimples, or lips.


I use a Venus razor, ok I know they are for women but until you try using one you will have no idea how well they shave your face! If you haven't used one then don't bother telling me I'm gay or anything like that because they are amazing lol.


I use a rock. Dull side to be exact.

[Gillette Fusion when I can afford it. :)]


I have used a Venus and a Razorba razor-holding device to get the back -- it was very good for that. But generally for that I just use the disposables I can use for free at the gym (doing so in the shower, not where everyone has to suffer watching.)

I can see where it I suppose it would be good for the face. Didn't try it.


Try it on the face, you won't regret it.


"Procter & Gamble shaving products are currently under investigation by the Office of Fair Trading in an inquiry into alleged collusion between manufacturers and retailers in setting prices. An industry insider has revealed that the Fusion range of blades, which cost 5p ($0.08) each to manufacture, sell with a mark-up of more than 4,750 per cent.[6]"

Wow. Holy fucking shit. I use a Gillette Fusion atm, but reading that made me want to get a safety razor.


correction.. straight razor


Stop trying to make us shave with woman's razors.


Multiple blades (4+) on shaving equipment like fusion will make it MUCH harder to add detail to your facial hair as the head become bigger therefore making it harder to judge where to cut the hair. Stay away from the king of shaves blade as that is a nightmare to use for shaping hair.

One good thing about the fusion however is the single precision blade at the top which is excellent for detail, but that alone does not justify the cost for me so I prefer cheaper alternatives like mach 3 which still allows a close shave and the head is not excessively big.

The mirror you use will also help too; I stay away from mirrors which magnify as they tend to distort the image and so causes you to cut inaccurately. I find the best set up to be mirrors which have a lamp as a frame (like the ones in hotels).

Don't forget that facial skin is very malleable; learn how to move it with your free hand in order to get the detail you want.

Oh yeah you might want to try a cutthroat, as many recommend it for adding fine detail.


x2 I tried the fusion/mach 3 turbo as well, it's all rubbish (assuming you want to somehow shape your facial hair and not just razor it up)
Wilkinson quattro is smooth and gets the job done.


alright, now that others have admitted 2 usin the venus, i too will admit ive used it, its pretty good!!!