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What Pumps You Up?


Hey all, I'm new to the thread. Im no where near big but am decently strong for my size, lifting is my number one hobby and has been since I was little.

Anyway, I dont know about all of you but I like to watch videos to get pumped and listening to that music that really gets the blood flowing, so I took the liberty of making my own-

What do you think? What gets everyone pumped?!!!


sick video. I like to pump some heavy metal before I hit anything heavy.
Parkway drive, I killed the prom queen, as blood runs black, suicide silence just to name a few.


lol those are heavy metal bands?

I usually watch WSM dvd or strongman training video


Classic Video of Arnold and Lou


Usually I'm stoked to get at it. If not:


I usually don't have to work hard to pump myself up, but sometimes I get it from odd places.

Last year I was just about to leave for the gym and Malcolm in the Middle was on the TV in the background. Malcolm's grandmother is an old holocaust survivor, and she's ripping it out of one of the kids for being too soft, and getting pretty emotional about it.

She gets all worked up and says something along the lines of "What are you going to do when they come in the night, kicking down your doors and dragging your family away?! What are you going to do about it?"

I don't know why, but it struck something in me - I thought about it all the way to the gym, went in and had one of those sessions where you just focus, tear it up, and every set rocks. All from an episode of Malcolm in the Middle. It sounds silly, and I was shocked that something like that could pump me up for training, but I still think about it occasionally, and still get the same feeling in the pit of my stomach.


lol that poundstone video put me to sleep... why dont they pick a better song


this vid gets me juiced before i head to the gym:


i just look in the mirror, thats motivation enough


I just listen to conservative talk radio the whole drive to the gym and that pretty much usually does it.


Fucken sick video dude. Makes me want to go out and pump iron


Thanks man, I wish more people enjoyed it because I actually have 4 or 5 that I've made but this one is my favorite lol


anything from the band Amon Amarth...i especially like from them...Varyaggs of Milkegaard


I raise you "The Pursuit of Vikings"


I second that. Pursuit of Vikings get me pumped every time.


Amon Amarth is good, If your into viking metal check out Unleased.

Its all about old school death metal, A song that usually pumps me up nice and good is Death's cover of Judas Priest's PainKiller.


Since we're talking about metal now, anything by Beyond Shadows or The Hallowed =)


Great video thanks for posting it!


Jamie Eason.


Think about the bitch who broke my heart .... :wink: