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What Protien Powder Tastes the Best?


Okay I am different from most people here. I have no interest in gaining muscle mass. However my normal diet is usually lacking in sufficeint protien. So I use protien powder. But the stuff is ineddible, I almost vomited the first time. Since then I have tried 4 flavors of powder, Protiens+ unflavored vanilla,mixed berry, and Isowhey iced tea flavor. the icedtea stuff has been the best so far but what do you think is the best tasting protien suplement


What brands have you tried? And why are you eating it?

I prefer Optimum Nutrition brand in strawberry, chocolate, or vnailla flavors. All are good w/ milk, the strawberry & vnailla are also tatsy w/ pineapple juice or blended canned pinepaple.

Most folks here like Biotest's Grow! protein powder. Give it a whirl. Their Grow! bars are yummy, too!


well, it's not a powder. more like a juice. i call it Wufwugy's Smegtacular Protein.

or you could just try Grow!!!!!!!!!!!


Muscle Milk tastes the best.


OK, pardon me for being ignorant, but you're posting on T-Nation. Have you tried Low-Carb Grow!? Ya know the stuff with big icons on the front page?

Just curious...


Don't have a credit card, can't order online from T-Nation, and I have never seen Grow! in stores before.


Grow! = Shit is BANGIN'!! Any and all flavors. Get some now!


How old are you? Sounds like you're probably stuck with whatever's at the GNC or your local health food store for now.


Best tasting would be Grow! Lean Body is pretty good, as is Myoplex.

All the others really need to be mixed with milk to be palatable IMO.


I have tried many and my favs are Grow! and Lean Body by Labrada. Can't go wrong with either.


There may well be something that tastes better than Chocolate Low-Carb Grow!, but frankly (and call me a sycophant if you like) I'll never find it. I'm not risking spending money on somethign else. Chocolate Grow! in cold water makes me feel almost guilty, like I'm just drinking chocolate milk instead of protein.

Kagemusha, surely a "shadow warrior" can muster the resources to get hold of some Grow!, even if it's only offered online? Get resourceful!


Gotta disagree. I think Muscle Milk tastes like ass. Plus I rarely wany that much fat in my protein powder.

Go with Grow!


Grow! Hands down.

In the past, I tried many different brands/flavors trying to find "the best" (most were far from decent) and I can say that Grow! is my favorite. From my first Grow! shake, I've never looked back.

Also, lets not forget about the high-quality proteins used in Grow! Just another plus along with the great taste.

And one final note regarding PWO shakes:

In the land of PWO, Surge is King.


Nice Shaw appeal to my ninja namesake well it looks like the votes are in anf I an going to have to figure out how to get my hands on some Grow!


The Fast Ferry between Rochester and Toronto is supposed to be in operation this week. When it's time for the wife and I to try it out, maybe we can make a deal and I can "smuggle" some Grow! across the border for you!


Here is how rank them:

I prefer either Low-Carb Grow! or Beverly International Powders. Grow! is cheaper by about $7-$8.

Grow! flavors from best to worst tasting.
tied for first depending on taste buds at the moment: (Chocolate, Orange Creme, Banana Creme)
Second: Vanilla (usually blend in some blueberries)
Last: Strawberry (the flavor is too bland)

Beverly International ranks:
Ultra Size (Vanilla, Chocolate)
Muscle Provider (Chocolate)


VITAMIN SHOP SELLS IT BUT IT is more expensive. I have to agree that Grow! is by far the best protein I have ever had. I actually look forward to having shakes.. It is even good with water. Something in it makes it thick like a milkshake.


I hate to break it to you Muscle Milk lovers but this protein contains an ingredient called Clycocyamine(G-amine)
that is said to cause homocysteine.

Unfortunately, consuming this chemical seems to have the undesirable effect of elevating blood levels of a substance called homocysteine, which is a very strong risk factor for cardiovascular disease (Stead et al., 2001). Cardiovascular disease is easily the number one killer in the Western World, and the last thing we need to do is increase our risk for it. Conversely, taking creatine decreases homocysteine levels, raising even more therapeutic possibilities for this supplement. As if to spit on your grave, if you?re supplementing with creatine, G-amine may also decrease its uptake by muscles (Zugno et al., 2003).

You can search for the article that David Barr wrote....

The Naked Truth Dangerous Creatine.


Which flavor of Grow! is the best?

I haven't tried chocolate yet, I have tried vanilla. Is Low-Carb Grow! better tasting than Classic Grow!?


I think the Classic Grow! tastes better. Even though I pretty much only use Low-Carb Grow!, Classic Grow! is thicker, creamier and has more flavor to it. The vanilla tastes and smells like cake batter. The new Low-Carb Grow! also tastes slightly different now than before because of the change in protein.

Either way, they still taste good compared to many others. I used to like Myoplex (before they changed hands) and Labrada's low-carb Lean Body too.