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What Protein Works?


Who gives a F-@K what it taste like!

Im sick of searching for post and forums that discuss the best proteins on the market and all i get are replies about "oh this taste great" or "oh I did not like the way it mixed"


I just want facts about what produces results! PERIOD!
I dont care about taste, mixability, or price!!
Hell! Id drink Iris Kyle's piss if it would hell me get sreadded!!
(Actually it probably would help... but thats gross... i digress)....

So far it seems Syntha-6, Metabolic Drive, myofusion, and Isolyze are the better ones that
people report gains with..

And Man!! Id almost give my left nut to see some ACTUAL Independent lab test done to see
what protein powders are worth a rats ass!!

Im just sick of reading pussy ass post from wanna be lifters about protein powder based on taste! SHIT!

Eat big lift big my brothers!


Your arms are pretty big.

I have used just about every protein worth trying on the market...even back to when they made "Designer protein". They all gave me the shits to some degree.

It is about which one works best with your body. Whey protein does not work best with me. For years it was all I used because it was just about all there was. Because of the problem with digestion, I am sure I was not even absorbing all of it...but it was better than nothing.

I use one of the products on this site. Some may be able to use things like Metabolic Drive and see no issue. I have been using MAG-10 lately with no issues at all.


The reason people review the way protein tastes and mixes as opposed to results is that results will all be pretty similar.

Quality mostly comes down to what you see on the label and knowing what to look for. Everything you listed has whey, some proteins have whey concentrate, some whey isolate, and some whey hydrolysate. Metabolic Drive has miceller casein which makes it better for general use than a pure whey supplement. Some might have more carbs and fat than others which is another thing to look for on labels.

I am not sure what you expect people to say. "I used this 2 pound tub and gained 5 pounds of muscle!!!!" In order to really analyze results from a protein supplement you would have to use it as your only supplemental protein, use it regularly, and then after several months of use say how it compares to something else you used under the same conditions for the same amount of time.

If cost isn't a factor at all good for you.


Good post.

That should actually end the thread.


If youre relying on a particular brand of protein to get you shredded then you are doing it wrong and have no idea what it takes to 'get results' from a sciency-nutrition point of view.


Proteins that work: poultry, eggs, fish, beef... Thats a good start


side note: I started using beef protein (Carnivor) about six weeks ago. I have always had digestion problems with whey and dairy (but not micellar casein.. weird) as well as horrible cystic acne under my jawline. switching to beef protein has worked pretty well for me. I don't feel bloated or gassy anymore, the acne disappeared, and my stool quality improved tremendously. however, you need to mix the powder with Gatorade or something because it is quite vile-tasting when mixed only with water. I would say it's a close second to a straight shot of unflavored MAG-10.


I like hydro whey, pro complex, isopure...lots of decent choices, not too difficult.


Thanks for the info.

Honestly, after seeing my results over the last year or two, I now question just how much of that whey I was really absorbing.

Even the weight gainer I was taking last year made me feel like shit later (even though I digested that pretty well due to more fiber in it).


I've often wondered about that carnivore, sounds like your a fan.

I would guess that miscellar casein has been processed so pure it has very little to no lactose, lots of people notice the difference when they switch from concentrate to isolate.

My guts can handle almost anything so I just get what's on special offer, try to always shoot for isolate if poss though.




I tolerate casein just fine. If I use a more budget oriented whey that is made up of majority concentrate, I tend to feel like utter shit, have bad gas and feel overall bloated. I've been using a protein blend PWO which is 70% CFM whey isolate, 10% whey hydrosolate, 10% peptopro, 10% Leucine. No ill effects whatosever..other than the fact that it tastes like shit. I only use that PWO though...the rest of my protein intake comes from animal sources...and some added casein.


according to my professor of nutrition egg protein is the best because it is "the most similar to our muscles" (they sell egg protein powder at lots of stores)
lots of bodybuilders swear by beef
and I love pea protein powder



I buy the Pepetti Farms pasteurized eggwhites--or whatevers comparable--and there you go....50g of fat free, carb free, bioavailable protein, right out of the carton.


Wait 'til you give hemp protein a try...


shit.. try pea protein...

Thanks for all the feedback.
The reason i posted this cause i was talking with a distributor (he never mentioned what he sold) and he was talking how "a study" done on many of the major protein powders do not even meet label claims. i find this down right pathetic. if these manufactures knowing are putting out a product that does not meet its claim, they need to be hung by the balls for screwing people over...

anyhow, Syntha-6, myofusion, and Isolyze supposedly met their label claims and where among the better. I just ordered 3 tubs of myofusion, 2 of Syntha-6 and 1 bottle of holy shit expensive Isolyze by species. we shall see how they work.

I have been not taking powder for almost 1 yr. all my protein has been coming from mainly my low carb egg, bacon, beef burritos.

I just wish i could find this so called study my friend was talking about.


I am allergic to milk products too after I realized that the whey i was taking was causing me cystic acne and making me bloated as hell. I switched to ON Egg protein and it has been awesome and it tastes just like whey. Since then I have no problems just great gains.


lol pea protein tastes like pea soup. now unflavored MAG-10 or unflavored Anaconda tastes like harsh chemicals mixed with foot sweat lol



What flavor of Carnivor did you try. i use chocolate, and it is the best tasting chocolate protein i have ever tried. It works great too. No bloat and digests quick.


Noted, going to dig around and see if anywhere will give me a free sample.