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What Protein Should I Buy?

Hi this is my first post altho i’ve been reading for a while.

I’m after some protein at the moment, i’ve purchased some before but looking at the other options this time.

The options are

Maxs WPI $150 for 3kg from my gym maxs.com.au/index.php?sectionID=1611&pageID=1825

Other options are a couple of natural ones, never really seen these before so don’t know to much abou them.

This one is $155 for 4.k kgs delivered

This one is 4kgs delivered for $110

I’ve only really had the Maxs before, and just saw these other natural options and aren’t really sure what to think of them.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


Any ideas guys?

What about Metabolic Drive?

I’ve used quite a few different brands of protein and I keep coming back for MD.

I can’t buy Metabolic Drive because it’s hard to find in the UK, but optimum nutrition stuff is good.