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What Protein Powder Are You Using?

I gotcha covered

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I mean… If it was still good to use i’d still buy it and use it IF it’s cheaper than all other options.

No matter how gross and clumpy the resulting mixture may be

So far I have tried the Biotest Metabolic Drive vanilla, Raw Nutrition vanilla/chocolate/PB and Myprotien vanilla and fruit cereal.
I like them in the order that I listed them.

No Protein Powder, only food

Slightly off-track here, but Biotest is pretty hard to get/expensive in the UK. Is there a plan to improve this? Do you guys have an official distributor here?

www.biotest.co.uk/ is an official distributor for that side of the pond.

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it’s best to get quality protein in nutritious food, but I keep some unflavored whey isolate (IsoPure, i think) around to put in a shake when I don’t have time or raw materials to make a proper meal. I don’t like any other ingredients, especially artificial sweeteners or flavorings, etc. Easy to blend with fruit/veggie/spices to flavor. I didn’t think Muscle Milk was a “protein” powder, but a powdered candy bar. haha Get nutritious food for the win.

My stomach has been bloated for a while, I’ve been using plant protein because I thought it was the whey making me bloated. Think I’m gonna cut protein out completely and see if it stops.

I thought plant based protein had poor bioavailability, which would cause bloating

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Being lactose intolerant, I tried the pea and a few other powders that caused me massive bloating.

I now use whey and take a digestive enzymes (lactase tablet) with a shake and I’m fine overall.

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Maybe mate. It certainly didn’t get any better. Think I’m gonna try knocking powder on the head for a while.


Its pretty secondary to eating high protein foods, but it sure is nice to have when you’re 30g short on protein with no room left for carbs or fats! I guess a can of tuna with Sriracha would do well in that situation too though. Good luck buddy