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What Protein Powder Are You Using?

I’ve been using ON vanilla for years. Tastes good but feel like branching out a bit. I’ve tried a could others but they tasted like dogshit. Not sure how some of these companies can put these p[products out after tasting them.
Anyway. What you got??

Given you’re posting on a Biotest website, it would seem impolite to suggest something to the alternative of Metabolic Drive protein or Surge


Well it still is an open forum and if people aren’t responding over 90% for the 2 products you mention I think Biotest should take note!!! :joy:
Thanks for the reply.

No doubt. And discussion is fine (just little funky asking the forum for alternatives to the brand that supports for the forum, but no biggie). Links to other products, as always, are a no-go. Just as a general heads up to any commenters.

To be fair, Surge Recovery was discontinued earlier this year. Surge Workout Fuel is being revamped and will be the go-to option for basic workout nutrition.

Clearly biased here, but for a during-day/non-workout protein drink, it’s Metabolic Drive or Mag-10 (sparingly as of late, since it’s been out of stock forever) for me, depending on what I feel like.

I’ve always liked Mag-10 before bed, but chocolate Metabolic Drive blended with frozen bananas and peanut butter is hard to beat for meathead comfort food.


Ok thanks for letting this continue. Didn’t really see it as an issue but you were fair with me so I will reciprocate by ordering a Metabolic drive Vanilla.


Unpopular opinion: I like vegan blend or pea protein powders (not soy!!!). THe bulk supplement pea protein is really good

They’re thicker and I like to mix them into a paste

I am also a fan of MyProtein. Great quality and prices, even in China

I’m sure Biotest stuff is amazing, just WAYY out of my budget right now

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Thanks. Was thinking of trying MP. Could never fid a pea or vegan powder that I liked. Even when I was veg I still used the ON product. Taste trumps morals sometimes!!! Also thinking about Raw Nutrition. You can order samples so not stuck with a huge jug if I don’t like it…

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Whey is NOT immoral.

It’s a byproduct from cheese production that is polluting if not disposed of properly.

Turning it into protein powder makes use of what would be a pollutant.

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I’ve never used Metabolic Drive and don’t doubt they offer good quality protein, but I cannot stomach the taste of artificial flavors and sweeteners. I never have it, so when I taste something with sucralose it is intolerable. I wish Biotest would offer plain or naturally flavored/sweetened versions.

I tend to buy unflavored, plain whey concentrate, or mixed with a bit of whey isolate. I use it in smoothies and get the flavor from blueberries, honey, and cacao. Sometimes I’ll go with a vanilla flavor if it’s naturally flavored and not too “flavored” tasting.

I try to not use it, but on the rare occasion i need it i take beef or soy. Everything milk and egg related gives me farts.

You mean you guys don’t just blend up chicken breast and drink that?? :thinking:

Beef bone broth protein :eyes:

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Well that a givin. Doesn’t everyone???

Just received the Metabolic Drive. Tasty!! Thanks!!

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Good Call


Hey, who’s to judge. I’ve definitely had things that sound more revolting

The chocolate is killer. Too pricey anymore though

Dymatize elite 100% whey Rich Chocolate. Been using it for years, it tastes pretty awesome. Haven’t tried Metabolic Drive because I’m a bird in the hand over two in the bush kinda guy😬

The cocoa pebbles one is gooood

Whichever one is the cheapest (in terms of $/serve)