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What Progression Scheme Do You Use and What Do You Do When You Plateau?

As title says.

Explain in as much detail as you can be bothered to write. Would like to hear about sets, reps and load from week to week. And, crucially EFFORT (how close to failure are you going).

Looking forward to learning some tips.

Err, try read any 10 articles on training/programs. Here’s a good start…

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Simply put: your question is way too vague to answer well.

Not being able to progress in a certain lift can be caused by a myriad of different factors. Muscular weakness causing one part of the lift to be the ‘weak spot’, recovery issues, not enough volume, not enough frequency, form issues etc. just to name a few.

If you can’t do 405 for reps on the deadlift for example, why even bother trying to max out 440 unless you are doing a meet at that exact moment? Make sub-maximal weights your bitch with frequent rep work and technique practice and you’ll forget you even encountered a thing you called a plateau.

RampantBadger already linked the Beyond 5/3/1 program which is basically built around the idea of training with sub-maximal weights to make gradual progress and eventually making your current 1RM weights your sub-maximal rep work weights.

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For what purpose? An annual oly meet or for cheerleading at the local football game each weekend?

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