What Program to Start With for Pure Strength?

3x3 or 3x5 or 5x5, big 3 for pure strnght?
Can barbbell cruls be don on same schem or it is better 3x6-10?

Are you aiming to compete in a strength sport?
What does your current training look like?

Super Squats

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If OP is trying to do powerlifting, Super Squats probably isn’t the best

I’m a big fan of Candito’s linear and the 6 week strength programs (both free on his site) if OP is more of a beginner

Why not?

It’s very high intensity, which makes it difficult to drill down proper form.
For muscle building, ig it doesn’t matter that much, but IMO form does matter for beginner powerlifters/someone only interested in “pure strength”

Bad habits are very hard to fix down the line
Personally, it took 6 months of dedicated single leg work to get rid of my hip shift

He could learn form then start Super Squats. It does mention people starting with the bar in the book.

Im just beginer, but would like focus on strenght

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It’s going to work, but a powerlifting specific program is probably better

@tlgains @anna_5588 i think you’re jumping to a lot of conclusions about the OP here. We have no idea what “pure strength” looks like for the OP, or what his background, current training or anything else looks like.


That’s awesome, always glad to see performance based goals, they’re so much easier to head towards. What does “strong” look like to you? Do you want to be the guy that performs well on the powerlifting platform? The guy that people call to move a couch? The guy that can do a strongman event and a Olympic lifting meet in the same month?

Ok i know that i will get stronger and get more mass with 5x5 than 3x3, 3x5, my question si wich is better to start with linear progression? To progress faster. Is it 5x5 too much for 3 times a weak?

No it is not too much. Make sure you’re eating a lot though.

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I’m a big fan of 8 x 3, personally.

I don’t think the difference between 5 x 5 and 3 x 3 is going to make or break your progress. There’s more important aspects to focus on.

Splitting hairs. There is no real difference.
I go 5x5 strong lifts. As it has a ton of free on line stuff. And will work for a while. About 3 months and then you will struggle. LP (linear progression) is a very time limited tool.


Ok thanks

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So i can go with 5x5 then 3x5 and 3x3

5 x 5 and 3 x 3 aren’t different enough to have any real impact. Once linear progression stops working for you, switch from a linear scheme to a more periodised loading scheme. 531 is great, but there’s plenty of other options. Something simple like double progression or Light/Medium/Heavy will work fine.

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Can you giver a little more detail ? Does this mean you have never trained with a barbell before or you have done some training but nothing strength specific ?

You were already asked this but you didn’t answer. Its hard for people to recommend something if they are not sure what training history you have.

I agree with this statement but if you are a true beginner then I would not recommend 5x5 or 5x3 until you have at least some training experience.

How about:

M: 5x5
W: 4x8
F: 8x3

Get experience in all 3.