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What Program to Do?

obviously im desperate and depressed because I don´t have a proper plan! But I agree 100% with you and I will try my best to make the most out of all the informations I got. I wish you and your family, that you will never be in a situation like me. All the best and thank you very much

I hear you man - but the best thing to do is to figure out what works for YOU. None of us are in your situation and most of us never have been. If you would read and follow the principles, you’d get it by now. START TOO LIGHT, PROGRESS SLOWLY, USE MULTI-JOINT EXERCISES, SET PRs, BALANCE. These 5 things are the only answers you need. Work from these 5 principles any way you can. It doesn’t matter if that means doing body weight squats, push ups and running/walking. Do what you can, in fact, start with doing less than what you can. If you can do 10 body weight squats, only do 5, and do 5 of them every single day for 3 weeks, and then do 6, and keep building upon that. No one has to start out with train-to-the-max 5000 mentality. You my friend are starting out over and over again because instead of just finding out what works for YOU, you’ve been asking everyone else what works for THEM. I can’t tell you to squat 500 pounds for reps because you’re not me, just like you wouldn’t tell me to do only body weight squats for 5 reps. I don’t know what you can do because I’m not your coach, don’t know you personally and don’t know about the medical conditions you are plagued with - and no one on here does either. Your best bet is to EMBRACE THE PRINCIPLES and discover what works best for YOU. Start out with the most basic template - I suggest 5’s pro. Do 5’s pro ONLY, NO SUPPLEMENTAL. Do body weight assistance (push-ups, chins or fat man rows, dips, or use bands for curls, rows etc…). Do that for an entire year. See a nutritionist about your diet that knows your condition. That’s all there is to it.


We are definitely not Bro‘s and I know for a fact that I piss you off and I understand that, but trust me „Bro“ you will be my coach!!! If I can do what you wrote (push-ups bodyweight squats etc) and I’m able to train with a barbell, you will be my coach! End of story!

Thank you and god for your answer. I appreciate this very much. Have a great day

Just a thought man, people don’t usually spend the kind of time shown above giving advice to people they dislike and have no respect for. @marc4497 has spent time writing a thoughtful response to you, in order to help you achieve your goals. I don’t know what the history is between you two, but it sounds like he’s done you a favour here.

What is your f… problem??? Can you read? Yes!? I have a ton of respect for Marc and like I said, I appreciate what he did for me and what he will always do for me and I´m sure he knows exactly how I meant the “Bro” thing!

No one asks you about your opinoion or anything else. Trust me, I´m polite to everyone becuase you never know what people are going through in life but something like this pisses me off…

You can’t put both of these in the same post and expect me to take you seriously.

Good luck in your recovery dude.


Thank you very much! Have a great day!

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You said you were walking for up to an hour per day. What you could do is hold some very light dumbbells(2-3 lbs) while you walk, then add weight as it gets easier.

Thats a really good idea and a while ago I thought about buying a weighted vest, but they are not available and sold out almost everywhere here in Germany because of COVID-19… But thats a good idea with dumbbells and I never thought about that. Thank you!

Backpacks should be easily available.

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Ha, awesome and even better because it’s cheaper! Thank you very much! I will try that today. Awesome! Thank you very much for your help