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What Program to Do?

hey i’m 17 years old and wiegh 175 at only 172cm. i’m looking for a program that wwill get me lean for summer i have a little less than 5 weeks. would like just a gym program that would get me lean and some tips on when to do cardio stuff.

i would like to lose maybe 5 pounds in this time and i think then i would be doing pretty well

starting strength by Mark Rippetoe

Bill Starr 5x5

One of many programs on this site or others.

Get your diet in order and be consistent.

Diet is going to be much more important for losing fat then a particular program. As long as you lift hard, 5 lbs in 5 weeks should be pretty easy. I really recommend Destroying Fat as a workout for fat loss, although the programs Pozz listed will work as well if you control your diet.

Starting Strength by Mark Rippetoe.

Lean for summer? You know its November right?
Try to get big and strong now. Loose 5lb of fat in April.