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What Program to Do Next?


Hello all, just looking for a new program suggestion or two. I did Dave Tates 4 week time under tension in June and for the past two months have been following WSFSB3 with great results but am ready for a change. I'd like to concentrate on hypertrophy this fall, what next?




if you are an advanced lifter, then you might wanna try DC training..
otherwise I dont see why you don't continue cycling ws4sb3 or doing tate tut program again.. its not like they work any less if you've only done them for a few months..


Take a look at BBB program. It is solely based on hypertrophy but I think it appeal to a strength guy like you because it is not a typical bodypart split and it focuses on beating the logbook every workout. Also myself and several vets have had excellent results from it. Look for the thread called something like "Anyone try OTS BIg beyond belief program" Good luck.


Thanks I'll look into that. I've been training around 7 years so I do consider myself intermediate to advanced if that makes a difference.


actually the do work less after a few months... just like every other strength training program.


lol I know, but it takes more than 4 weeks of one program and 8 weeks of another to render them less useful... If you were to continue to follow the ws4sb3 template and just switch up a few exercises, you would still thrive on it....