What Program to Do - Lack Flexibility

I had a few questions in your last thread nine months ago, but you left us all hanging.

If you could get back to us on those, it’d be great.

I’m kidding, I’m kidding.

Sort of.

[quote]surfzrup wrote:
… before deciding to see a physio to get my back sorted out. What I’ve learnt is that due to a lot of tightness and restriction in the upper back, I’ve got very poor pelvis/hip mobility.[/quote]
To clarify, you saw a doctor and they said your primary problem is tightness in the upper back, and that’s what’s causing your hip mobility issues. Correct?

I’ll give you pretty much the same advice I tried giving you last April. Get on a well-designed program (there are oodles of them in the archives here) and work the appropriate corrective exercises/mobility drills/whatever the physio prescribed for you either at the start of each session or interspersed between sets.

These articles should get you pointed in the right direction: