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What Program Should I Start?!

First time poster, but have been religiously reading this site since I read about it in Esquire over a year ago. I have been lifting seriously for about 2.5 years. In that time I was able to gain about 20 pounds but have been at about 160 (at 5’ 8") for a year. I was cheerleader in college and was focused on sport specific strength…

Since then, this past year, I would just lift to stay in shape and stay strong. My goals for this upcoming year is to gain 10 pounds (up to 170 or 175) and maintain my BF% at around 7 (where it is currently). Additionally, this may also hinder my weight training endeavours, I like to run and usually run 15 miles a week (3 days).

SO, I have read and often toyed with many of the programs on here including edt, tbt, ovt to name a few. I also just purchased and read New Rules of Lifting.

I was just looking for some input or ideas where I should go from here. I like training 3-4x/wk and I prefer total body sessions or if I must split, upper/lower. Please help me out!

For someone like you, I’d say Bodybuilding’s Next Frontier by Chad Waterbury. But if you really want to gain weight and keep your current conditioning, you know you’re going to have to eat like a horse, in addition to pushing yourself TWICE a day on the BBNF program.

Good luck.

Maybe give ABBH 1&2 a shot, but I’d also cut down on the running as this won’t help when trying to add mass.