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What Program Should I Do Next?


I started maximum strength about 6 weeks ago. So far I've seen some good gains. I want to keep my gains and also continue to improve the weight I can lift. What should my course of action be at the end of the sixteen weeks? I'd like to work on RFD. Can I train for rapid RFD and still keep getting stronger? Everybody in my gym is going to look at me like I'm retarded when I start doing powercleans again.


Try the basic westside template by Dave Tate, it includes but max effort work to improve you strength and dynamic/speed/RFD work :). Its probably on T-Nation.


That's 10 weeks away. Why don't you reassess what you want out of training in 8 weeks?


This is really sound advice. I finished MS for the second time in September and I learned a lot more about how my body responded to programming in that 16 weeks than I have in a long time. Cressey has a lot of free info on the web regarding his approach to programming and has another 16 week program called Show and Go.


I want to have specific plan when I'm finished with max strength. I don't want to have 4-6 weeks where I have no clue what I'm doing and lose what I gained in those 16 weeks.


I don't need to do something different? Max strength is a low rep high weight workout. Do I need to work on the opposite end of the spectrum and do high reps low weight or anything crazy like that? How long can I strength train before I have used every method of lifting low rep high weight? I've looked at show and go. I'm sure it's a good program. The problem is the price. It's not like max strength where I spend 20 bucks on a book. I have to spend more than a hundred. What did you do between the first time and second time you did max strength and how long did you space them out? I've considered doing max strength again. I just want to make sure I'm doing something that I'll see results from and not wasting my time because my cns has adapted to the intensity.


5/3/1 for powerlifting ? 20 buck ebook.
and does RFD stand for reactive force development? lol


Yeah, I was wondering what RFD was too...rapid force development? This would make sense if your employing some kind of Westside approach with a speed day.

First off, fuck whoever looks at you funny while you power clean lol. I don't feel stupid at all as I rep out 205 like clockwork while some guy wraps up for his 190 lat pulldowns...but I digress.

One exercise I use to generate confidence in the cleans is the high pulls. You can even strap up with these bad boys and get some serious weight going. I have strapped up and performed sets of 2 with 295, although the reps were definately starting to get sloppy. Still, my max clean is only 225 so doing 295 atleast helps me FEEL that I can pull the weight high enough.

A big part of the olympic lifts is instilling confidence that you can properly get underneath the bar at all. High pulls can be performed with weights well outside of your max, and once you can pull that weight all the way to your chin, or mouth height, you know you're ready to step up and catch that bad boy.

Hope this helped in some way, even though its just an exercise and not a program of sorts.

Get angry at that shit and start ripping it!


Rate of Force Development. Fancy way to say speed work.


Right. But you have no idea where your head's going to be. 10 weeks is a long time away. You also don't know where your strength levels are going to be. Will you be as strong as you had hoped? Stronger? Can't predict the future. 1 week at a time. 2 weeks is more than enough time to plan out your next step.


either the Westside-Barbell template or Wendlers 5/3/1 will work VERY well for you. Wendler's is easier to follow and understand unless you are pretty committed to staying on top of your training. Lift STRONG(ER).