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What Program Next?

What’s up everyone
I’ve been training for few years now but properly for 7-8 months
I’m 87kg , 20%bf, 1m76
I made good size gans through the time but I’m WEAK AS F%CK

Bench : 105kg for 4 reps
Squat: 130kg for 3 reps
Dead : 150kg for 3 reps
OHP: 75kg for 5 reps

I have really a hard time creating my own program so I decided to follow a well proven one.
I don’t know if I’m considered a novice or what so I don’t know what to pick ?
5/3/1 wendler ? Starting Strength ? Candito 6 week strength prog ?

My goal is to get really really stronger but to gain or maintain size also
Please give me your advice. Thanks

Wendler 531
Get the hang of the program then do the BBB 3 month challenge,follow exactly including the diet

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531 is fine. Just pick something you are willing to do. That’s a big part of it. I’d recommend only once per month on each lift of doing as many reps as possible and do the minimum the rest of the time.

Just remember; getting strong takes a lot of time, patience, calories and rest. Listen to your body, especially with 531.


would you say that the diet is a key part in following that plan??

I’m currently on 531/BBB - however I don’t follow that programs food plan, given my current plan is very similar however its not the same as the one prescribed.

Depends, if you’re swapping a banana for the apple and thighs for breast then no big deal. If you’re having a couple of chicken wings in place of breast and hotdogs instead of meat then yeah, it’s key you follow it

yeah see i just switch steak to steak mince, and i have whey protein and lower the amount of eggs from 6 to 4. and mainly eat rice over potatoes, so not really big differences.