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What Program Next?

My friend and I had just got done doing Starting Strength for the summer, and we took off a couple weeks once complete to do some construction and just to take period of rest.

I’m looking for suggestions as to how to cycle back into lifting. We’re thinking about trying OVT:

I don’t think it would be best to begin lifting that heavy right away after a couple weeks off. Is there any recommendations as to how to cycle back in to lifting? Or should we just be hitting it hard immediately? Thanks.

Congrats of finishing up SS!

What are you (and your friends) goals?

Train for a goal. Don’t train aimlessly.

OVT is a fairly high-volume program. That could be good or bad depending on your ability to recover. If you just came off Starting Strength, it could be a bit too much (low volume to high volume).

What are your goals? Strength? Size? Both? Athleticism/Sport?

Strength/Size are my goals at least, and he just follows along with whatever (he’s really just all for athestics, and slightly performance).

Since school just started up again (we are seniors in high school) we’ve been more concerned about getting back into a structured sleep/eating schedule. Once that happens, we’ll be prepared for another program.

I noticed that OVT had very high volumes, and I’m not sure if this would be best for us, but I just pulled something from the Beginner II thread that looked interesting.

Should we cycle back in to lifting with a week or two of lighter lifting? Or once our sleep/eating is back to normal, should be just jump back into it?

All suggestions are appreciated.

Edit: I also wanted to throw in Sandbag training ~2 times a week on off days to promote some endurance and fat loss. So perhaps a lower volume program?

Well, you have quite a few options. Here are a couple I can recommend over OVT:

Blending Size and Strength:

Beast Building Parts 1-3:

Renaissance Body Development:

The 21-Day Itch:

Compound EDT:

Check those out. See if any look good to you and get to work!

Renaissance Body Development and the 21-Day Itch work well if you want to do some sandbag stuff.

Yeah, I had read over Renaissance and Beast Building before… wasn’t sure if they might be too advanced for us. I’ll look them all over and choose whichever looks most fun.

Thanks for the links!