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What Program for a Fat Bastard?


hey guys,
my friend 16 and hes 6'1 and rougly 210pounds. he plays lots of rugby and wants to get lean but at the moment hes really fat. Hes fairly new to training. What program and diet do you recomend he should follow. He had rugyb training about twice a week which is lots of cardio, intervals, and some bodyweight exercises.


go to the articles section and search for the best article you can give to ur friend


Meltdown Training. Written by Don Alessi. Click search at the top of this page.


I'm not sure if Fat to Fire (a program on here somewhere) is suitable for beginners.

However, get him to do some real lifts, compound lifts, for a month, then he can jump into something like that as long as he knows how to do all the needed lifts.

He'll have to watch how much he is doing in total though, because if he's already doing a lot of other stuff, he'll end up doing too much.


This is not such an absurd ht/wt ratio. He simply needs to go on a structured weight program and maybe clean up his diet a tad and he would be fine. I would not prescribe anything for 'weight' loss unless that is a specific goal this individual had in mind.

By looking at his workout schedule, I would suggest--uh-hum--listening to vroom and hitting some compound stuff. Possibly shortening resting periods. And again, evaluate that diet. By looking at his age and workout--his diet must be shit.


I agree I would think he would need to maintain a decent amount of cals to maintain preformance in his sport which is always key with an athelete. Simply have him clean up his diet. I would think that with his activity level just a simple change in food choices as well as a solid lifting plan he would make major progress.

Check out Westside for Skinny Bastards by Joe DeFranco, my favorite training program ever published on this site. You might have to scale back some of the extra running and drills that Joe prescribes if he is already doing alot of that stuff for Rugby!


If he is playing Rugby,and he's fat,he probably is eating entirely too much.That is a very active sport,and being 16,he probably is burning a shitload of calories,and being 6'1 and 210,he's a big guy,but I can't think of him being a fatass.

Listen to what they said above,clean up his diet and find a basic work-out that uses compound movements.If he is still playing rugby and going to practice,he probably is getting his cardio from that,and adding anymore might be too taxing to his body,even at 16.